A Fresh Water Ocean

18 12 2016

Port Stanley, Ontario

Lake Erie.

Makes me think of a song, even though the song was inspired by something that happened on Lake Superior.

Consider this Sunday Music Break.




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18 12 2016

“I love Edmund Fitzgerald” -Elaine Benes

18 12 2016
Julius Brown

After #Calexit, we may need to grab the Saint Lawrence River, just sayin’

19 12 2016

Hate to tell you this, but a Lake Erie (avg depth 6 ft) wave couldn’t be a pimple on Lake Superior’s posterior. Great photos though.

19 12 2016

And this is why Superior could topple the Fitzgerald.

31 01 2017
Eva Lovia

Funny that you mention this cOf course LOL, 973 the kkucks780 played it like a noob and lost to 4chan and Demonecromancy… how funny for we wuz kangz. see http://web-startups.blogspot.fr/2017/01/should-you-play-atlas-reactor.html

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