Heroism, Still Pending

18 12 2016


Me, about a year ago:

Once upon a time, I unreservedly would have though of him as a hero and what he did as heroic.

Now I’m less sanguine about it.  It all depends on how the three girls he saved from death behave later in life.  If they wind up being ghetto whores who do their part to perpetuate more black ghetto dysfunction, then his sacrifice will have been all for naught.

So much of the essence of heroism isn’t what the hero does, it’s how everyone else reacts.

Glenn Reynolds, two days ago, about one year on:

She hears regularly from the girls he saved. “The girls come to see me from time to time, they send me text messages and they brought me flowers on the holidays. They are some sweet little girls. They graduate this year. They want to go to college and move away from Knoxville. I see them when I go to the games and they always give me a hug.”

That’s a good sign.




3 responses

18 12 2016

OT, I’ve never noticed this before, from Steve Sailer. True or not true? And why didn’t he (or did he?) contact you before making such a claim?
“But St. Louis is a little bit like a further New Orleans. The effect is barely noticeable, but if you look for it you can notice that St. Louis traditionally had more rich people with Spanish surnames than other Midwestern cities.” -SS

18 12 2016

It happens to be true.

20 12 2016
Dr Duke

Am I the only one that doubts that the dead guy made a conscious decision to be a human shield?

Seems more likely a drive by happened, he got hit and the other girls there and the dead kids mom wanted some “looks at me” time.

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