Sunday Wrap-Up

18 12 2016


* Rather easy WRPT.  Story involves both East St. Louis High School and the Martin Luther King Bridge.

* St. Louis City politics aren’t that racially bipolar anymore.  This gave one example I thought of when I first started reading this, that being Kim Gardner.  But also remember that Lewis Reed, one of the black mayoral candidates now, turned out Jim Shrewsbury for Aldermanic President in 2007 with a significant even if not a majority chunk of the white vote.

What really surprises me is that Lyda Krewson (yuck) is the only credible white candidate who has so far announced.  Has Cara Spencer gotten cold feet?  Does Christine Ingrassia not recognize that she has a built in natural advantage?

* Cool.  But, remember, they forgot the “A.”  Except I forgot, these are Boy Scouts, so they don’t care about the “A.”  Unless they’re gay, which they can be now, (and Trump’s SoS nominee pushed that along when he led the BSA), in which case, they’ll want the “A.”

* Did you know that frats feature a lot of drinking and hazing?  Must be a new trend, nothing like that ever happened when I was in college, or any time before then.

* Sure, because it’s not as if he’s 33 days away from being PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, or anything like that.


* Of the four “teens” charged, “Kevin” is the only one who has a normal name.

* And they wonder why they way they are, other than HBD, which is of course, taboo.  It’s because they have these kinds of role models.

* We all know why they aren’t, because “their most talented students” have no diversity Pokemon points.

* As you read this, and read the left’s “whoa-is-us” moaning, remember:  The right is supposed to be the dumb side.

* I think my illegitimate father is stretching the point.  The problem is that there were two Presidential elections already after the Duke LAX hoax and the one we just had, and the former event didn’t seem to matter in either of them; as a matter of fact, Obama won North Carolina in the first one.

* There’s an easy way to tell if the NYT is serious about it.  The NYT as a business is about to abandon eight floors of its own building and rent them out residentially in order to make some money, because Carlos Slim’s fat wallet isn’t enough, apparently.  Let’s see if the NYT will be so magnanimous and anti-racist and mindful of MUH DISPUT IMPAK as to set aside some of these units for black ex-con parolees.

* It’s Kevin Williamson.  It’s NRO.  I’m hardly high on either one these days.

But he’s right.  The idea that Ayn Rand and her novels majorly informs the mainstream right’s policies, economic and otherwise, is nothing more than the paranoia of the left’s echo chambers.

* Proving two things:  For one, why it’s going to be very difficult for any Republican to win anything statewide in the state of Virginia for quite awhile, and for another, why it’s going to be hard climb for Trump to alleviate income inequality, when the institution we’re all expecting to do something in some way to solve it is singularly responsible for creating a lot of it.

* Come on now.  Are we to believe that Loretta Lynch and Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh are actually on different sides of the ledger negotiating against each other?  When it’s a matter of a left wing interest group suing the Federal government while a Democrat is President, the lame duck Democrat, between Election Day and January 20 will take a dive on the lawsuit to please his ideological friends.  In this case, it’s the Feds doing the suing, but being as the Obama Administration is in that same time period, I can see something of the same dynamic at work.


* What did anyone expect?  When polite society and official education says that transgenderism and transsexualism is cool, then damned if a lot of kids, and by “kids,” I mean actual kids, don’t wind up thinking they are.

* Careful, Geert.  As you well know, they’ve already resorted to that in your own country not so long ago.  That’s why you are who you are, because you filled in the void.

* The problem with this analysis is that it relies entirely on economic determinism.  They don’t consider that there are non-economic or social reasons why this has happened.


* The 404 was to the internet what the number zero was to mathematics.

* Raining liquid sapphires and rubies.  If there are white dwarf stars that are pure diamonds, and there are, (“like a diamond in the sky,” turned out to be prescient), then these kinds of planets were never out of the question.

* Yes, I admit.  I had the best belly laugh out of this that I’ve had out of anything for awhile.

* At some point, this will cause an intersectional wreck at and with World War T.

* I don’t know about playing it, but you’ve gotta be stoned to watch it.

* If you heard the news that a person died after falling into a huge hot vat of melted chocolate, would you bet on man or woman?

That was easy enough.

* I’m so old, I remember when National Geographic covered things like interesting places around the world, and in most issues, included neat maps of niche areas.

* Hitting the limits of Moore’s Law is all we need to know.

I’ll be buying all the parts for a real top ho and spiffin’ system in the spring of the next current year, as my 40th birthday present to myself.  That I’m waiting on my birthday to do it is one factor, but I’m also waiting on the rollout of Kaby Lake.  Even though from what I’m reading in the tech press, Kaby Lake isn’t that much of an improvement over the current generation, and neither are the 270-series chipset/boards over the 170s.  If I had to build it now, to put it another way, I know I wouldn’t be missing out on that much for the time differential.  What did really improve this year were Nvidia’s video cards:  The 1000-series is, on price and model par, way better than the 900-series.




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18 12 2016
Julius Brown

* I don’t know about playing it, but you’ve gotta be stoned to watch it.
( Billups Claims NBA Teammates Played Better When Stoned on Pot)
There is something to that… 1980s Cardinals and MLB in general … except it was cocaine

18 12 2016
john jones

Not even 40? And Honeymooner for an avatar?? My .. you are an ‘Old Soul’.

18 12 2016

Leave It To Beaver

19 12 2016
Dr Duke

Telling kids to ” pursue their dreams and follow passions” is horrible advice.
I mean those are fine things to do on your days off, in most cases you should not expect that to pay the bills.

19 12 2016

I think most of them will come to understand that in time. I need a relatively pedestrian way to make a living, (even though in my case currently, and starting in early January also, it’s far from boring), so that I have the money to follow my passions.

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