Nobody Likes N-Words

19 12 2016

Irvine, California

Like we’ve always said.  If they have no common enemy, then they’ll have to synthesize an Emmanuel Goldstein, a Haven Monahan.  But if that’s not believable, then the whole progressivetard stack fall down go boom.

That should be an object lesson to a certain political party that exists purely as a coalition of the fringes.

But there’s another lesson for that party hiding deep down in the paragraph count:

“Students of other minority groups felt less inclined to protest for the causes of ‘Fighting anti-blackness’ and ‘Black Lives Matter,’” Alvarez said. “They did not think that these issues applied to them and therefore had no reason to protest for them.”

What this means is that non-black non-white people dislike black people even more than they’re told they must dislike white bread white people.  When that blue team political party, as much of a coalition of the fringes as it is, puts domestic blacks and their grievances at the tip of its spear, it curbs the enthusiasm of every other part of the coalition.  It even curbs the enthusiasm of enough black people.

Something that the deep dive data of both 2014 and 2016 has borne out.




3 responses

19 12 2016

I can’t wipe the shit-eating grin off my face.

19 12 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

Oppressed-er than thou?

20 12 2016
Joshua Sinistar

I remember when Mr. Nobody took office. Right after the election, the niggers started strutting around like they owned the place. Niggers are stupid. They don’t understand law, and our government is based on principles that Stone Age savages can NEVER really GROK. Like in Dark Africa, these niggers only see a Chief. When a nigger became Chief, they thought this was South Africa now. These niggers can’t believe another White guy got elected. They all thought that Marchin Lootin Kang’s dream had come true. That America belonged to THEM now.
That’s why for 8 years, they’ve been Hell Bent on proving everything the Klan said about them was true. They figured it was too late for YT to do anything. BLM is just the natural result of niggers hitting reality. Let the bodies hit the floor.

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