President-Elect, Officially

19 12 2016


Now that the actual Constitutional election is done, there’s one last thing to worry about.

There is one and only one person who has the capability to get next to Donald Trump while armed and without the Secret Service or any other kind of security scanning him or patting him down and is of a hostile political posture.

I’ve been speculating here for some time that Baraq Obama would blow off the traditional January 20 Presidential handoff ceremonies and be on some golf course at noon on January 20.

Now I actually hope that’s what he does.

If he doesn’t, Trump should think about an alternative form of inauguration pageantry that keeps him far away from that man.

I put nothing past him.




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19 12 2016
20 12 2016

“Now, watch this drive”.

19 12 2016
Alex the Goon

No way does that fuck pass up the chance to give one last speech saying “I” or “Me” 666 times.

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