Gentleman of the Jury

20 12 2016



Members of the Black Panthers of Milwaukee, some armed with guns, marched through the Sherman Park neighborhood on Sunday to protest what they called the “genocide” of African Americans at the hands of law enforcement.

Unless it can be shown that law enforcement is either:  (A) Deliberately killing black people for the sake of doing so, or (B) Killing black people at a rate so prodigious that it is greater than that group’s natural rate of procreation and TFR, (C) Deliberately killing black girls and women of reproductive age and capability or those who are not yet capable but are expected to be so eventually, for the expressed purpose of deterring future black fecundity, or (D) Engaging in some deliberate organized consistent lasting public action which prevents black babies from being born, I’ll have to vote Not Guilty.




7 responses

20 12 2016

Let’s have a Glenn Beck thread, I feel so vindicated as I’ve been calling him a snake oil salesman since his heyday on FNC. Does he not know that the audience for his brand of cuckservatisim has shrunk to a handful of “conservative” columnists in the MSM? Has he never heard of the Overton window? This will only make his dwindling audience dwindle quicker? I only pray that when he folds up his tent the intolerable Dana Loesch will not find a new home on the radio.

20 12 2016

He even wrote a book entitled “The Overton Window.”

20 12 2016
Joshua Sinistar

The cheeto bandito is broke. His MLK lovefests and giving toys to Mexican gangs pretty much blew up his little “alternate media empire”. Glenn got too close to the Truth on Fox. Too many kosher criminals in his conspiracy theories. David Icke and Agent Hicks AKA “Alex Jones” will tell ya, you have to make it about Not-sees. It has to be not-sees to not see what you’re not supposed to see, SEE?

20 12 2016

The only thing I can think of is that GB is going after the (supposedly) huge crowd of “libertarian” millennials, who will google his name and read the first Slate article to pop up and promptly declare him a icky racist. Desperate attempt for new listeners, failed.

21 12 2016

Yeah, Glenn Beck wrote those books that have his name on them, just like Bill O’Reilly and Tom Clancy and James Patterson did.

22 12 2016
Joshua Sinistar

These “black nationalists” amuse me. You don’t see these brave warriors going to Africa to set up an African State do ya? They’re stupid, no doubt, but they’re not dumb enough to do anything brave. Truth is, one misstep into Whitopia now and YT might give ’em the Race War they be calling for. Those rifles look good, but I’m thinking they couldn’t shoot wooden ducks at at a shooting gallery if they tried. The only reason 50 or 60 get shot in Chiraq and only a handful die, isn’t so much modern medicine. Its that they can empty a full magazine and score fewer kills than any gun owners besides the A-Team. Lets face it, these dummies are just puppets of the system. After seeing Saddam’s Million Man Army massacred twice by the US Military, I don’t believe for a New York Minute these niggers could really scare Uncle Sam. The 82nd Airborne could put down black nationalism all by itself. These stupid niggers don’t seem to realize that the poleece actually protect them from their victims. Their piss poor rebellion wouldn’t last ten days if YT cut off their food and barricaded them in the barren ghettos they live in.

27 12 2016
Stan d Mute

The negros are too dim witted to see that the only real genocidal threat is America’s open southern border. The Central American aborigines are primitive by European standards, but about ten thousand years of evolution past the negro. They have zero white guilt and are completely willing to racially cleanse negro neighborhoods and occupy them for themselves. This has happened in most urban areas already to some extent with California leading the way. I have never seen the negroes run the Indians out of town while the reverse is becoming more and more common.

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