Cause Gay Celebre

21 12 2016

Downtown and St. Charles


On a legal technicality, the appeals judge has ordered a new trial.

This was not part of the set of legal arguments, but since the LGBTQetc lobby are yelping about it, expect to hear a lot of stuck pig squealing about it in the coming months and years.  It’s this business that, because HIV-AIDS is now no longer a death sentence per se because the ARV drug therapy has gotten so effective, and in fact, the cocktail is now down to one daily pill, that the law should no longer punish a rape any more harshly if the rapist has HIV-AIDS.

Except neither the single-drug cocktail nor the time of ID specialists are free.




3 responses

21 12 2016
john jones

Lost my dinner

22 12 2016

Then I highly suggest you don’t look at True News USA’s post about this.

23 12 2016

They say at least a third of queers have it so I don’t really see some queer out there taking it up the butt from strangers as a “victim” anyone who hasn’t had their head up a rock for the last 35 years knows this.

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