Post-Christmas Wrap-Up

26 12 2016


* This is why we found something better than horses the first chance we got.

* Normalizing this silliness?

* The blacks lied.  That’s all we need to know.


* Why hasn’t the state legislature in Illinois already done what Eddie Johnson wants of them?  Two very easy reasons:  One, the state legislative black caucus is opposed, because “mo black menz in pwizon,” and for another, Illinois state prisons are already so overcrowded that if they started giving such individuals mandatory prison raps for this thing, then they’ll have to dig even deeper in order to find people to let out in order to put them in.  As it is, already, those convicted of second degree murder rarely actually do no more than a single digit number of years.

* The conclusion of the study is that more information and better sharing of information is needed, and I presume the need for another study.

I’m just bigoted racist cynical crazy enough to think that we already know all that is necessary, it’s just that it’s taboo.

* Uh, hello?  The drop in arrests is not happening for the proper reason.


* Fulfilling another one of my predictions, that January 20 will be the end of the ideological era.

* I’m glad to see that Stephen Miller is getting the recognition he deserves.  He’s probably going to be the mortar of this administration.


* Mark Levin has called him “Barack Millhouse Obama” for a long time, and the name is rather apt because the comparison between Obama and Nixon is apt.  Because, like Nixon, Obama was more concerned about his own personal political success than that of his party, and as a consequence of their time in power, they left their own party much worse off.

* Like this, I don’t think there are that many special snowflakes.  What first got me to think that there aren’t when we heard all these news reports of special snowflakes supposedly melting down on college campi after Trump won.  In reality, all that news was manufactured agitprop on the part of various schools’ diversity-inclusion bureaucracies.

* He should have sang a rap song.  That way, sanctioning him would have been impossible.

* This is normally the province of Bellcurvius.  So, for the comprehensive crowd to get involved indicates to me that these “Hispanics” are Afro/Mulatto-Caribbean, instead of Chicano/Mestizo.  That it happened in Boston would seem to support my contention.

* “Virginia man” is the new “Minnesota man.”

* ‘The well-educated and well-off who live in or near big cities tend to endorse the notion, explicitly or implicitly, that education determines a person’s value,’ writes Chen.

I have thought for some time that people have attained high levels of formal education automatically assume and presume that they should live better than people who have not.  This is one of my theories behind the left’s contempt for the energy industry — They hate it because it gives white men who didn’t go to college a way to make a better living than a lot of people with college degrees.  Pure jealousy.

As far as the part about living in or near cities, well, that’s just the nature of living in cities — It creates a person-versus-person competition for status.

* Yes, he seriously did that.

Do they really want the looksatme that badly?


* Officially, politics have been ruled out as a motive.  Still, this reminds me of Floyd Corkins and the FRC.

* Germany is having the same problems we are when it comes to deportation — Their home countries won’t take them back.

* Also from the country that is abolishing itself — This is what happens when you have justice officials who are more outraged at Facebook comments than terrorist-driven murder.

Ideology makes people crazy.

* Not one mention of “Olympics,” even though that country hosted them over the summer, which should be a point of pride.

* Proving yet another one of my contentions, that the future of the white right is populist-nationalist.


* The pic is part and parcel of my long-held theory to why Kwanzaa has not been a big thing among black people for almost all of the current century.

* I highly doubt the money she’ll hustle off of this scam will really be used to pay her way through school.  But, if it is, we are left to presume that her major isn’t in a field which requires honesty.

* It’s about time.  And by “about time,” I mean the auto-tech cooperative getting to work on vehicle autonomy for a vehicle where autonomy would be of very high utility.  Because, with husband, wife and the screaming kids in the minivan, the car needs to come to the rescue.

* And it works for Dick Jones.

* Which, is good, it’ll keep my generation in work until whenever the hell we’ll be able to retire.

* Summation:  How dare Google not recognize the talent of L’Booshondria from Oakland.

* Summation:  The immediacy of danger forces the mind to pay very close attention to and remember details that it would otherwise blow off.  It’s why people constantly say that “it’s funny the things you remember” after a perilous scenario.

* It’s like we’re living in an inverted world.  They’re the ones talking about secession and prepping.

* “No further detail,” because none is needed, especially when “Quanisha Dre’Shawn” is part of the mix.

* This happens so often that it’s a truism.  If husband and wife have been married for a very long time, and the marriage has been good, then when one dies, the other will in very short order.  Notice this couple had been married for so long that their caretakers were their two daughters, those two daughters are already septuagenarians in their own right.




8 responses

26 12 2016
David In TN

The Republicans had fewer Senators after Nixon’s 1972 landslide than they did after the 1968 election. And this was before Watergate exploded in 1973 leading to big Democrat victories in 1974.

26 12 2016

In the ’72 season, Nixon sucked up so much oxygen for himself because (sarc) he was in real danger of not winning a second term (/sarc) that he didn’t leave any for downballot Rs.

26 12 2016
David In TN

I recall in Theodore H. White’s 1972 Making of The President book, White wrote that under Nixon the Republican party was vanishing.

27 12 2016
Dale Gribble

Miller the mortar of the administration: 81 mm or four-deuce?

28 12 2016
Alex the Goon

Wrong mortar.
BTW, who’s going to be the pestle? BAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

28 12 2016
Hard Right

Logan’s Run

Old people, she says, should be put to sleep much like animals at the kennel because they’re too much of a drain on society, in her view, suggesting “euthanasia vans” as the solution.

28 12 2016
Hard Right

And they’re worried about fake news….

Senior leader at Facebook’s Oculus arrested after allegedly soliciting sex from cop posing as underage girl

28 12 2016
Alex the Goon

The pic is part and parcel of my long-held theory to why Kwanzaa has not been a big thing among black people – When I was too young to know that “other” feature that jews are famous for, I was jealous of the kid down the street. In hindsight, I figure we Gentiles probably did better on our One Day vs their Eight. As for the blacks, I’m guessing their deal is, Eight Days of stealing other peoples’ shit; which has to be bad for morale, even if your stealings are better than your losings.
How dare Google not recognize the talent of L’Booshondria from Oakland. – IEEE should lose its 501c3 status for that article. And at least one of their E’s.
If husband and wife have been married for a very long time… – From each of my parents’ sides, my favored grandparent was survived by 10-20 years by their assholish spouse.

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