Nixon’s Requiem

27 12 2016

Jefferson City

P-D’s requiem on Jay Nixon’s political career.

To me, the two most crucial inflection points in his political career were November 1993 and August 2014.  The first gave him a reputation and something he could live off of all the way to three more terms as AG and then two terms as Governor.  The second made him something of a national laughingstock, and ruined his nascent Presidential campaign, the very concept of him running for President is now such a joke that the P-D doesn’t even mention it in its requiem.




2 responses

27 12 2016

The funniest thing about that article is that the PD describes freeman Bosley as black.

Also, AG Nixon said ‘the state has met its obligation’. I don’t think it did. Of course, the state owed no obligation in the first place.

About the mall shenanigans yesterday, it was fun to watch MSNBC twist around when grappling with the ‘connections’ between the mall fights. I agree with you that it stemmed from a lot of gift cards + meet me at the food court at noon for a throw down.

27 12 2016

Nixon did a great job largely keep his head down until the Ferguson fiasco was thrust upon him and he was found wanting. For a lawyer and lifelong pol, he’s one of the least articulate men I’ve ever heard.

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