Extra Strength

28 12 2016


Talk is that activists are demanding that the University of Missouri curators turn the campus into a sanctuary for illegal aliens.  As far as that goes, the activists, whoever they are, aren’t exactly bargaining against hostile parties.  Wouldn’t it be great if car dealers wanted to sell me expensive cars for bargain basement prices as much as I want to buy expensive cars for bargain basement prices?

These activists haven’t stopped to think about a flaw in their demands.  These activists most likely have a strong Venn diagram crossover with Black Lies Matter, definitely on the political agenda, but maybe also in terms of actual warm bodies.  Campus BLM and BLM-style groups demand that actual cops stay off campus, and that campus cops, if they’re allowed to exist at all, be unarmed.

BLM gets MUPD to disarm on duty.  These activists get the curators to declare the campus a sanctuary.  President Trump deploys the very armed ICE to Mizzou to arrest illegal aliens.  Question, activists:  Who’s going to stop ICE?  Your unarmed campus cops?  How?  With a strongly worded statement commensurate with the precepts of social justice?

Or, maybe, they’ll use spitballs.




One response

29 12 2016
Joshua Sinistar

These retards and their pogrom against “The Man” seem to have missed the only real salient point. No Whites, no nothing. No money, no money, and no money. Every empty mall in the USA is the result of the White-free atmosphere of failed races bringing their genotype of genetic failure into the phenotype of the environment.

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