John Kerry, Neoreactionary

28 12 2016

Washington, D.C.


Kerry recounted his many visits to Israel, including historic and religious sites, and the Holocaust memorial of Yad Vashem. He said that had sensitized him to the security concerns of ordinary Israelis. But he said that the “fundamental reality” was that “Israel can either be Jewish or it can be democratic, but it cannot be both.”

It’s almost as if he’s admitting there’s a necessary trade-off between nationalism or its rough equivalents on one side, and democracy on the other side.

Spit the real:  It’s not as if he doesn’t know, and it’s not as if they all don’t know.  It’s that they pick the wrong option.  Of course, Curtis Yarvin picks the right option, but the punishment for doing so is being a Silicon Valley permatemp and an on-and-off tech entrepreneur, instead of being Secretary of State.




5 responses

28 12 2016

What do you do with the Palestinians?? If you don’t give them their own state then you annex the Palestinian territories, then what?? If you grant them equal rights, citizenship and the right to vote, Palestinians would in time gain a population majority and vote their own people in and Jews out. I believe this vote was all staged with the consent of Netanyahu to maintain the status quo. No state for the Palestinians and no voting rights for the Palestinians is what the Jews have now and what the Jews continue to want for the future.

28 12 2016
Alex the Goon

They already allow some of their A-rabs to vote. Serves them right for being so PC — it still isn’t satisfactory for the libfucks.

29 12 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Israel has become a problem. The black muslim resident was supposed to give the finger to us, but along the way his hatred for Colonialism and support for brown ran over Netanyahu and Likud. Sure Likud isn’t very popular among the domestic garden snake jews, but it must still shock some of them that the untouchable Israeli AIPAC is now drawing fire and not just fake ire for the cameras. That crazy quilt of fail that they stitched together is already falling apart. None of the Cargo Cult really much like each other. Another BIG FUCKING DEAL is the obvious light skin of Israelis and the brown permatan of the Palestinians. There ain’t no solution for this dilemma. Their crayola vision of identity has finally done what we couldn’t do. Its now a problem for jews. Telling niggers and Mestizos that YT with the light skin is the enemy is all sweet and funny until they tell you you as White as anyone else. What do you mean we, kemosabe? Zorro and the Lone Ranger don’t mix, mang.

29 12 2016

This post really isn’t about Israel, as such.

30 12 2016

The USA can either be democratic or multicultural, but it can’t be both.

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