The Unnamed Codefendant

28 12 2016

Bloomington, Indiana

What is interesting to me is not who he is suing, but who he isn’t suing.

For my money, the most annoying characteristic of the about-to-end (thank Kek) Obama Administration has been the way that President Baraq Obama implements policies, and they actually happen or start to happen, but he does it in such a way and does it relating to several matters where public anger over what he does splats on the faces of people not named Baraq Obama.

The keynote example is the about-to-end (thank Kek) AFFH.  The Obama Administration implements it, and does so with the implication of the full force of every armed individual that is in the direct line of command of Baraq Obama, yet when people on the ground get angry about it, they go screaming to their city councils, zoning boards, planning boards, but never to Baraq Obama.  Or worse, their voting habits will be such where their national and local preferences contradict, to wit:  Westchester County, New York.  Not realizing that the Federal politicians they’re empowering always override the local politicians they’re empowering.

Another example of this?  The “Dear Colleague” issue, which is shorthand for the way the Obama Administration, routed through Title IX/DoE/OCR bureaucrats, are compelling colleges and universities to engage in kangaroo tribunals against men who are accused of rape or sexual assault.  You already know my theory about the political energy source behind that, Boomer-aged helicopter fathers of Millennial-aged college aged daughters, daddy’s little girl, beating back the guys with the stick, in this case, the stick is a metaphor for the full power of the Federal government.

Aaron Farrer’s lawsuit does not name Baraq Obama as a defendant, when he should be the only defendant.




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