Ultimate WRPT

29 12 2016






8 responses

29 12 2016
Nicholas Stix

Am I missing something, Blogmeister? Because I didn’t see anything in the story about a “dispute over hot dog buns.” All it said was, one moment the guy was looking for a hot dog bun, and the next moment, he’d been shot dead.

Is my reading comprehension failing me, or was this a case of a media operative shooting random words on the page, and expecting the reader to fill in the blanks? Or are hot dog buns the newest cause of crime, like the weather?

30 12 2016

When I do WRPT, I just read the headline, and infer all that which is politically incorrect from that alone.

30 12 2016
David In TN

A typical scenario for a black on black homicide.

30 12 2016
Hard Right

Heard and Spencer were coming from Follies strip club when they decided to stop at the QuikTrip in the 4000 block of Buford Highway in Chamblee just before 3:25 a.m.

Sounds like Countenance called it correctly.

A man at the hot dog stand didn’t know where the buns were. Spencer got in front of the man to assist him. Heard said he soon noticed the man waiting outside the QuikTrip.

If only they had used an eco-friendly grill and gluten-free buns….

30 12 2016
Hard Right

Black Lives Matter Activist Hit With Restraining Order From L.A. Police Commissioner


30 12 2016
Hard Right

Alleged Gang Member Arrested After Exposing Witnesses On Facebook For ‘Ratting’


Laquan Clark, an alleged gang member in Jersey City, N.J., was arrested Thursday after posting several videos of police interrogations of witnesses on Facebook earlier in the week.

Clark, who is usually very active on Facebook, posted four videos on his Facebook profile throughout the day showing law enforcement questioning people.

Looks at me….

30 12 2016

We can add hot dog buns to the list of food-motivated spook killings. Right now I am tracking ribs, chicken legs, and the last pork chop. If we can add a vegetable, we will have a hat trick. Also, why are spooks so good at shooting people and killing them yet our LEO’s can shoot at someone a hundred times and only wound a guy?

31 12 2016
Joshua Sinistar

See fast food can kill you, if there are niggers around. The race makes the place. White people are the best people on Earth. They can make socialism work, find water in the desert, and turn a wilderness into a beautiful and free bastion of hope. Niggers just break shit and can’t fix it. Marchin’ Looter Kang’s Dream is living off of YT without having to ask.

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