Pigs in the Capitol

30 12 2016

Grand Center and Washington, D.C.

Lazy Clay’s doings.  With an assist from a Cardinal Ritter senior.

Carlson is permitting this, especially in light of the fact that a lot of white cops in the area are Catholic?




10 responses

30 12 2016

“Racism kills you white pig motherfuckers!”

30 12 2016

Where are you guys (SL) at on homicides this year? Indy has had a 2nd consecutive year record breaker! 149 in this piece, plus they are still adding to that number from what I just saw on twitter. From 96 murders in 2012 to 150+ this year. http://fox59.com/2016/12/30/149-and-counting-indy-sees-record-murder-number-in-2016/

30 12 2016

186, two short of last year’s total

30 12 2016

As long as racism kills only those who can not pass the paper-bag test, it is OK.

31 12 2016
Joshua Sinistar

The lack of brains goes both ways. Helping niggers will kill you dead. These gated community swine are just living in another jail. We need to bring the niggers home to these swine in their other jail. They already have the walls and gates. Change the locks and guards and these swine can have all the divershitty they need to kill ’em.

31 12 2016

Of course there’s an ironic layer of “apropos of everything” in this news, because Cardinal Joseph Ritter integrated the Catholic school in St. Louis. Just as he did before he came to St. Louis, when he was in Indianapolis.

31 12 2016

He thought he could improve the bakkaball teams.

31 12 2016
Alex the Goon

Here’s a crazy thought: Let the dindus stay in public skoos, and let the White Refugees in White Refugee (aka Christian) schools play basketball against other White Refugees from other White Refugee schools.

1 01 2017
chuck lowe

Here is an artist to consider, who painted scenes far more appropriate to what we live through now, Hieronymus Bosch. Many cities and neighborhoods are in fact, life, lived, in a Hieronymus Bosch painting. The hopelessness, the violence, the dysfunction the dystopia all engendered by the Hip/Hop/Holocaust of horror and sickeningly atavistic behavior of blacks.

Perhaps, Lacy will hang some Bosch paintings in the capital, close to where the “Black Caucus” meets for inspiration. The reality, on the ground, for any citizen that must exist within close proximity of these people, so aptly displayed in Bosch paintings, belching up from some unimaginable hell, screaming for “Justice” over the sound of gunfire, the smell of cordite and the sonic wails of white victims and their families should inspire a new level of dysgenic endeavor for agents of destruction.

Our National Stockholm Syndrome continues.

This is a real time, shooting war and our last hope, is the election of D. Trump and the initiation of the policies he espoused that brought him to this place.

Lacy’s disgusting painting is a cri de coeur to the usual Progressive/Fascist/Democrats that want us dead. It is way, way past time to quit pretending, on any level, that we don’t hate them even more.

6 01 2017
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