Post New Current Year Wrap-Up

1 01 2017


* The grinches that stole Christmas.

* “All five are described as white women,” even though three of the five do not so obviously appear.

* Notice where they wanted to sell their loot — On the lot of the Wendy’s on West Florissant in Ferguson.  That is south of, and up the hill from, the Fergaza Strip.

* Twenty four MCS dicks are on the case.  Why?  To determine what we can already fathom, that this was a “wrong side of the tracks” gang land hit?

* Just as Illinois has a hard time paying its lotto jackpots, which is one of my serial themes going back a long time, it’s also having a hard time paying its wrongfully imprisoned suits.


* Ladies and gentlemen, (and transgenders), boys and girls, (and transgender kids), cats and dogs, this is what we political professionals call “post hoc ass covering.”


* How much was spent to determine what an average mother sees with her own eyes?


* Forgotten nothing, learned nothing.

* The idea of courage is predicated on the existence of a powerful opposition.  “Courage” is not possible in this case because there was no powerful opposition to this.  It doesn’t take courage to advocate for ice cream in an ice cream parlor.

* It’s one thing they didn’t need to be taught.


* They talk about “flies on the wall,” well, here’s “ears on the beer can.”

* No, it’s not so much “God made you bulletproof” as it is “God made your coracials such bad shots.”

* MSFT first to a terabuck mktcap?  I don’t know who will be happer when that happens:  Bob, or Clippy.  And I don’t even want to think about Steve Ballmer.

And no, I don’t see it happening, because MSFT’s meat and potatoes, Windows and Office, aren’t exactly lodged in growth markets.  I do see AAPL’s mktcap going south pretty soon.

* After reading this, you will never bad mouth vehicle autonomy ever again.

* Not because he was lighting up the scoreboard, or the stat sheet, or making fantasy owners happy.




8 responses

1 01 2017
john jones

Looking at the Christ Church Cathedral website, I see, rofl:

“Welcome the birth of Christ in the stillness of the night at Christ Church Cathedral in the heart of downtown St. Louis. ”

1 01 2017

Late entry, for the otherwise absent Chicago stack.

While the raw numbers for both homicides and shootings aren’t as bad as they were in the late 1980s and early 1990s, it’s worse now than it was then in terms of a rate relative to the black population, which is way down now compared to then.

1 01 2017
john jones

Christmas Eve?? I thought these “babies” were supposed to be nestled all snug in their beds on Biddle St. while visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads?

Oh yeah, we’re all the same, I forgot.

Although they probably *do* have the ’kerchief part of the Clement Moore poem down pretty good.

1 01 2017
Julius Brown

Remember when the Make America Great Again caps were the new brown shirts? I do.. and so does Google:

make america great again red “brown shirts” = About 36,000 results

1 01 2017
Julius Brown

Re: “No, it’s not so much “God made you bulletproof” as it is “God made your coracials such bad shots.”

… shooting sideways like the album covers not working so much

1 01 2017
Alex the Goon

“You have to give credit to the campaign that had a consistent message, 100 percent of the time, make America great, A slogan that became the message that became the song. And when you got a song, you got a melody.” – They’re very musical people, aren’t they Mortimer? Yes, and the B-Side’s theme song was “I’M A BITCH, I’M A CUNT, I’M A” however that old ditty goes.
You will never badmouth vehicle autonomy ever again – I might, however, badmouth the FUCKING RETARDS WHO LET THIS INFORMATION OUT. I understand you can’t silence every knowitall sperg on the net, but journalists and editors should have an ounce of foresight to realize they are relaying that sperg’s knowledge into the hands of the next akbarist truck driver.

2 01 2017
8 01 2017
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