Damned Because They Won’t (The Other Shoe)

2 01 2017


I hear 60 Minutes last night condemned the CPD for not policing the dinduistans ipso facto white racism.

Perhaps it would be a good idea for a certain news media not to hype and hype and hype and hype what is both local and statistically rare news of cop-on-black homicides to the point of international crises.




4 responses

2 01 2017


No, I don’t think it’s Rahm’s fault, any more than Rahm hasn’t resisted the anti-white anti-cop hate machine. Of course, he wouldn’t do that any more than any other elected or quasi politician in Chicago.

2 01 2017


The most blatant contradiction is that CPD gets blamed for ever doing SQF and blamed for not doing it as much as they used to.

2 01 2017

wadda wadda twisted panties, can’t even crack 800…Next latest ‘n greatest social benefit program for Chicongo would be free “side-ways” firing practice ranges

2 01 2017

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