A Rahowa in the Sun

6 01 2017

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Many of you have already seen this video:

Though the version you saw is probably the non-interjected shorter version.

One of the reasons why I’m glad that Pepe appointed me to be the Alt-Right’s official ambassador to the Sotonation is that since I now have one foot in both our world and their world, I can understand both at the same time in a way nobody else can.  For instance, I can tell you the man doing the speaking goes by the stage name of Sara Suten Seti, and just from that, you can probably deduce what he’s all about, his “Hotep” slash WE WUZ FAROZ proclivities.  He is definitely part of the “pro-black” (problacktard) mental tendency, of course, “pro-black” and “Alt-Right” are alike in that they are both umbrella terms that describe a mental tendency and they overlay a lot of disparate groups, movements, and personalities.  Furthermore, as we use the term “red-pill” or “being red-pilled,” they have a similar word:  Conscious, or being conscious, or being woke.  We say “normie,” but I don’t know what their analogue is, perhaps sellout, coon, Uncle Tom, Uncle Ruckus, soft shoe, tap dancer, buck dancer.

I saw this video again one day before #BLMkidnapping in Chicago, and even before then, the video got me to thinking about a few things, and #BLMkidnapping only hastened the mental urgency.  It’s this business about a race war, and by “race war,” I mean American whites versus American blacks on American territory.

I hope your mutual funds mangler didn’t move heavily into RHWA on the NYSE, that’s all I can say.  Because the chances of such a war popping off are extremely slim.  You know what they say, a race war deferred dries up like a Rahowa in the sun, or a Rahowa delayed is a Rahowa denied, or something like that.

In spite of what seems to be daily travesties like #BLMkidnapping, and many worse, the reason they won’t likely result in a race war any time soon are mainly threefold:

(1) In order for there to be a two-party war, both parties have to be and think of themselves as teams.  That is a necessary prerequisite. Problem is, we don’t think of ourselves as a team. And one of the yuge reasons we don’t is because Jews use their outsize influence in the media and cultural institutions to keep white people from thinking of ourselves as a team, mainly because Jews think that it would be bad for the Jews if we did. Because once white people start noticing things about other groups of people and making collective assessments and waging collective effort to extract collective punishments, which is an inevitable consequence of white people realizing they are a racial team, it won’t be long until we start noticing and naming and punishing the Jew. (See: Auschwitz, et al.) The Jews have no problem with black people thinking of themselves as a team, because blacks don’t have the long term organizational and thinking and planning skills to translate that tribal mentality into hassling the Jews, or anyone else, besides other black people. We, OTOH, have lots of superior capabilities and talents and hardware, but they are in the hands, minds and hearts of people who are brainwashed with white guilt and virtue signaling and pathological altruism, thanks in no small part to our parenthetical friends. All we can do with it is defend ourselves individually or in small groups for short stretches, but the Jews do their level best to make sure we don’t take it any further.

(2) The United States still has plenty of room to sprawl. Sprawl is a critical American racial pressure valve. As long as it’s easy for white people to run away from the black undertow in terms of a daily residential sense, which necessarily ties in to the elementary, middle and secondary education sense (see below), white people won’t feel any need to combat the ghetto undertow. Once sprawl becomes politically, economically or ecologically impossible, then all bets are off.

(3) In spite of this news, and the many other stories like these, and relating to reason (2) above, generally, white and black Americans generally don’t personally despise each other like that, not to the pot-boiling-over level it would take to provoke a race war, even if there was nothing else preventing it. The reason for that is that to the extent that white people and black people are in each others’ social, business and acquaintance circles, they are alike in some substantial way, if it’s a circle of well-behaved people, then the kind of black people that white people know personally are more like themselves than the median for black people. A statistical piece of evidence to back this up, in case you don’t already think it’s true, is that, nationally, the white-over-black academic performance gap is one standard deviation, to match the IQ gap. However, within a school district, the same achievement gap (and presumably also the IQ gap) is only 0.6 standard deviation. That figure is the median intra-district black-white achievement gap for all American public school districts, of course, your mileage may vary. Because public school districts are closely linked to housing, housing values, neighborhoods, individual real estate selection, SES sorting. As a smart man recently put it, “So for most public school students and their parents, the racial gap they experience in their daily lives isn’t as large as it is nationally, which probably helps Americans get along a little better.”

For instance, I don’t have a single black person in my direct personal social circles. If I did, they would be people who are like myself or compatible with myself in some way.  Even the few black people who hang around this space, that’s the case. What this means is that if I didn’t know better, if I wasn’t deeply red pilled, (praise Kek that I am), if anyone tried to run up on me and get me to join the Rahowa against black people, I’d tell them to beat it, because I wouldn’t have the necessary personal animus to do so. Because I actually do know better, again, thanks red pill and praise Kek, I’d be more tempted in reality. Meanwhile, the kind of white people that regularly cavort with the ghetto black undertow are generally the kind of white people that most white people want nothing to do with, and would want nothing to do with even if white people were the only kind of people in existence. Lower SES white people do have the personal animus toward black people to make things really hot; the trouble is, these are the kind of white people who really aren’t better than the black people they hate.

SES sorting is probably the crucial pressure valve which prevents the outbreak of a race war. But, once again, if it ever stops being possible, and I can seriously envision a few real world reality-based scenarios where it does stop, then all bets are off.




10 responses

6 01 2017

Like the Spanish Inquisition, nobody *expects* the race war.

6 01 2017

There also can’t really be a race war because blacks lack the ability to combat the police, much less the national guard or any further up organization. Once whites do realize the animosity directed against us, it really won’t take military action to correct the issue.

7 01 2017

There’s a potential path to limited race war in the sense of Jews permitting whites to engage in systematically punitive actions against blacks in order to more closely bond the U.S. and Israel. After over a century of gibs, whites are beginning to see themselves as somewhat dissimilar to the Jews, who’ve spent the past century (among other things) slaughtering darkies for fun. If the U.S./Europe are encouraged to engage in any collective punishment against darkies of any kind (blacks, Arabs, Hispanics), the subtle mental implication would be, “We are just like Israel, therefore keep sending them money!”

Do whites have the emotional intelligence and future time orientation necessary to prevent this from happening again? Not at all. If Israel wants us to feel good about ourselves with a little firsthand race realism, then they might well permit a backlash.

7 01 2017

If it gets to that, then the Jews will go almost monolithically Max Blumenthal and throw Israel under the bus, in order to save the egalitarian project and save the diaspora.

7 01 2017

Replace “Israel” with “skypes,” then. They only need [Israel the formal nation-state] as a launder/slaughter location because it’s currently convenient. They could ditch [Israel the formal nation-state] anytime, replacing it wholly with [Israel the dispersed people] and we’d have similar problems, namely, Israel encouraging us (one set of goys) to vent our frustrations on another set of goys, rather than on the source of our frustrations.

I’m not saying they’d give us actual rahowa, but maybe something more benign, like allowing housing segregation, an actual school-to-prison pipeline, and more of an antebellum labor arrangement. It would seem like a good idea until we realized they had another Reconstruction planned for two hundred years later.

7 01 2017
Alex the Goon

For all the talk about how (((they))) rule the world, they don’t; and when it happens, we won’t need or seek their permission.

8 01 2017

My friend, I hope you’re correct. I’m putting my hopes with your perspective, but I’m putting my chips in the “we bond with Jews by punishing other goys in their name” pile.

8 01 2017
Not Fr. Flaker

We don’t need any race wars. All we need to do is be firm: put criminals in jail without parole, end welfare, and stop affirmative action.

All my life I have had to contend with affirmative action and diversity programs. The older boomers thought they were noble instituting this crap, especially since they never saw a black face if it wasn’t menial help. After 2 generations of these front- and backdoor programs, blacks on the whole are more dissatisfied than ever for a few reasons. The silver lining is that more whites got exposed to TNB on the job, and now the 20 something whites who work for a living are realistic about what is going on.

9 01 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Man you’re so 20th Century sometimes, Question Diversity. RAHOWA is now inevitable. Those unwise premature celebrations of White Genocide and White Genocide going viral has made it an inevitable historical fact. White people are way too nice to be sure, but when existential threats become an attack, The Angry Giant living by us WAKES UP. You really don’t need the WHOLE POPULATION. 3% of the Colonies beat The British Empire. 12 Million Whites won WWII in a two-front war. Face it, only Whites can beat Whites. The First “Civil War” wasn’t brother against brother. That sad sack Ken Burns is a Lying Lincoln Apologist. The Union Army was almost entirely Irishmen fleeing the Potato Famine. Any Whites on the other side in “Civil War II” will be attacked by their erstwhile pet projects.
Fights are won with tactics. Battles are won with Strategy. Wars are won with Logistics. I have something on the White Side of this, the (((enemy))) doesn’t. Agriculture. Killer App for me, Mass Extinction Event for the enemies.

24 01 2017
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