Lyda’s Trove

6 01 2017

Downtown; CWE

We’re about an hour and change away from the filing for the mayoral race ending.  And, if nobody gets the sudden last-minute itch, we’re baked in with the field that has already filed.

And do you know what this means?

It means that Lyda Krewson has lots of naked pictures of lots of important people.

No Cara Spencer?  No Christine Ingrassia?  No Greg F.X. Daly?  No legitimate white candidate other than Krewson?  Then again, I thought it through, and the natural fund raising advantages that Ingrassia would have (her ward includes Lafayette Square), are advantages that Krewson has way more of, as her ward is the CWE.  Cara Spencer is talented, but on the young side.  And I guess that Spencer and Ingrassia have decided that Krewson should be the only legit white (and white woman) horse in the race.  Especially since Krewson seems to be winning the money battle.

As far as that goes, Jamilah Nashweed, who did file, has bowed out already, because of the worries that there are too many blacks in the race.  It seems like the black side of town is going to want to coalesce around Lewis Reed.  If I’m right, then the pressure will be on on another candidate, Reed’s campaign manager when he first ran for Aldermanic President, that being Antonio French, to step to the side.

Still, I just can’t come to terms that dippy Lyda Krewson is the heavy odds on favorite to be the next mayor.




One response

6 01 2017

Vince Schoemel represented the CWE in the Board of Aldermen when he was first elected mayor in 1981.

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