We’re Passing Peak Boomer

6 01 2017


They’re starting to age out of power.  No, it won’t happen overnight, but it is starting.

It also means it’s the start of what I think is going to be a rough and profound transition.  Not only for what you can read at that link, but also for the generation of people behind me.  As the real bosses of society transition from the Boomer-aged parents of today’s Millennials to the Generation X older cousins of today’s Millennials, I think that’s going to force them to do a whole lot of growing up.  I’m generally high on Millennials, and I wish we’d stop using them as society’s punching bags. Really, all this hate is starting to get shrill; using the same reasoning that is used to heap flak on Millennials, every other generation of people that has living representatives today is just as bad. I don’t think there isn’t anything wrong with Millennials that won’t be solved by getting them out from under their Boomer-aged helicopter parents. They just need to hear a lot of “Fuck your feelings” from people like me.




3 responses

6 01 2017
8 01 2017
Boom Boom

As a younger boomer, I agree with everything you said, but just let me add that I think Millenials like my kids, nieces, nephews and their friends are not snowflakes.
The snowflakes come from certain strata of society or if they are coloreds/females/whatevers who serve the aims of those strata. You know, the types you see in certain magazines as one of the top 100 young leaders of America, and such.

8 01 2017

I agree with the part that some of us are being drama kings (kangs?) and queens about the percentage of Millennials that are snowflakes. It’s really not very high. It’s just that the ones that are make a lot of stuck pig and ungreased squeaky wheel noise, that gets heeded, for some odd reason. The thing that drove home in my mind that there aren’t that many snowflakes was when all the “trauma” coming out of college campi after Trump win wasn’t real, it was manufactured hot air press releases on the part of those schools’ diversity and inclusion departments and bureaucracies. To the extent that any students are involved at all, professors (and let’s play a game of Guess That Generation) are weaponizing them.

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