The Joke Writes Itself

7 01 2017

East St. Louis


They won’t be laughing when starting 13 days from now, they get drafted into the Navy.




5 responses

7 01 2017

They will all need special ed swimming classes.

7 01 2017

Is that bombed out Dresden after World War II? No – just East St. Louis in 2017 – bombed out by the black undertow.

I’ve driven by that several times and laughed myself. From All American city to shit hole and they have problems with a guy who hasn’t held office yet. And I also marveled at how they hell they got up there to do that.

8 01 2017
Long Retired Bos'n's Mate

They expend effort in those short spurts when they want, don’t they?

Can I get the Gov’t contract on the cat o’ nines they’ll soon be needing?

8 01 2017

I want to know how they tag parts of highway overpasses that they do.

8 01 2017
Alex the Goon

They rappel from above. As Bos’n’s Mate said, they’ll expend the risk and effort for the stupidest shit; but if you tried to hire one of them to clean the grafitti, hang proper signage, or any other legitimate task, the fear would turn them whiter than a saltine cracker.

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