Rough Trade

8 01 2017


Me, January 1:

Twenty four MCS dicks are on the case.  Why?  To determine what we can already fathom, that this was a “wrong side of the tracks” gang land hit?

Turns out it wasn’t a wrong side of the tracks gang land hit.

It was a white gay judge who loved himself some black rough trade.

Ooh, I didn’t just say that, did I? Have I gone too far, or have I not gone far enough?

The P-D goes over young Mr. Fields’s recent criminal history, so recent that I had a post about him in 2013.  Note that Fields got a six-year bid but only did about three.




5 responses

8 01 2017

1) “Parents were told at the time that the attack occurred in a separate area from the main campus.” … i.e. still on school property
2) I heard a good one about Duebbert: he had a boyfriend who was a plaintiff in some sort of accident case and at trial Duebbert testified that the boyfriends jaw was so messed up he couldnt give a proper blow job anymore

8 01 2017

I wonder why elite, rich homosexuals avoid discussion of their attraction & support of violent murderers. Nothing to see here, just keep moving along….

11 01 2017
Dr Duke

“It was Dr. Richard Wacksman, a critical care physician at what was then MeritCare and now Sanford, who invited Duncan to Fargo. According to the blog, Duncan met his physician friend “Rich” at a gay bar in San Francisco while out on parole in the mid-90s and they got together periodically.”

So a homo named Dick Wacksman invites a serial killer to town.

You can’t make this stuff up.

9 01 2017

So I guess this makes Duebbert a Hastert/Craig/Graham/McCain Republican rather than a Trump Republican.

9 01 2017

lol, u guessed right :)

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