Sunday Wrap-Up

8 01 2017


* Hiding a frying pan in your pants, the kind of pants where the pan would show.  Yes, they really are that dumb.  Though only slightly dumber than Ikea was for putting its first St. Louis store where it did.

* Poetic injustice, St. Louis style.

* Hooray.

* Although it makes me wonder what someone from Pevely was doing hanging around north city.  I don’t surmise positive things.


* We knew that already.  I disagree about the political mechanics of the “deporter-in-chief” lie.  Mr. Obama deliberately allowed that lie to be peddled so that he could eke out re-election in 2012.  What he did not anticipate is that his Razatard allies weren’t smart or sophisticated enough to see through the bullshit, and got really loud and antsy-pansted in the second term demanding “relief” from all these fictional “deportations.”

Along with counting turning someone away at the border as a “deportation,” I also suspect that any civil deportation case filed against an illegal alien during the Obama Presidency was counted as a “deportation,” even though those rarely result in a true physical removal.  The Obama Administration spammed the system with civil deportation cases for three Machiavellian reasons, I think:  One, he’d try to pass off each one as an actual deportation, two, he knew they wouldn’t actually be deported anyway, and three, an illegal alien being sued for deportation gets a legal work permit pending the outcome of the case, and keeps it if s/he wins.


* That payback thing.  I know what it is.

Yet and still, Bill Clinton is still a member of a Trump golf course on Long Island.

* The good news is that this means Democrats will soon start liking Trump.

* Camp Sister Spirit, perhaps?


* First they came for the Confederate-themed mascots, then they came for the Indian-themed mascots….

Social justice is a perennially hungry god whose appetite is never satisfied.

* Denial is just a stage of the process of grief and loss.  You have to think that Mr. Obama regrets his part in throwing a lit match into the pool of gasoline called the black undertow purely for partisan political purposes.

* This was something in a big deal in our sphere before #BLMkidnapping happened.  And, since then, this news has been all but rabbit holed.  All I’ll say is that the DA is only bringing charges against the white student in order to balance out his office’s stats.  The Hunt for the Great White Defendant.

* I don’t write anything pernicious into this.  After all, Ye Olde Internets and the associated CSIT industry has been the hot growth industry for coming up close to a whole generation now, and it tends to be the province of younger people, therefore, a yuge majority of wealthy younger people would be associated with that industry and live in that industry’s epicenter.

* Political correctness makes us stupid.  This article would be a lot more informative and a lot less confusing but for PC.  And I suspect that it’s a deeply coded plea for Trump and Carson not to stop AFFH.  Even at that, it’s still useful reading in a few ways.  And if you need some context, provided indirectly by someone who ironically now represents Boston and the whole state in the United States Senate, here ya be.


* No fucking duh.  Who actually wants to be a cop in that town, when much of the citizenry in your city hates you, your department brass will let you hang out to dry when the political heat is turned up just enough, the State’s Attorney hates you, the Mayor hates you, your Congressman (Elijah Cumstain) hates you, your Senators hate you, your U.S. Attorneys hate you, and (for only 12 more days, Praise Kek) your President hates you.


* I predict it will work out well in Finland, and then someone will have the bright idea to try it in Baltimore, where it won’t work out so well.

* This is hardly a revelation of an Earth-shattering secret.


* Rich, confident and attractive men make women get off.  Because nobody had ever figured this out before, even though we’ll probably find out that people who developed the very first written language came to this same conclusion.

* But wait!  Black people brag about “cooking black people food.”  Their “intellectuals” claim that black people cooking black people food basically fed the antebellum South.

* Can’t say “dumb cluck” anymore, chickens aren’t that dumb.

* Zenner is way more angry about what Bennett said than he’s putting on.  That’s because Zenner has to remember what happened to Peyton Hillis.  If you don’t, what happened is that once he got good and got recognition, black OLs went soft on their assignments.  Meaning they let Hillis get stuffed and tackled, because they didn’t want a honky running back do that well.

* The theme song for the beer will be:  “Rick roll out the barrel…”

* The universe is a stone cold beyotch.  And not just because its average temperature is not much above absolute zero.

* Shocking that Amazon’s talking beer can, when confronted with the benefit of the doubt, winds up ordering stuff off of Amazon.




3 responses

8 01 2017
Alex the Goon

Camp Sister Spirit? – Nah, Fat Camp.

9 01 2017
Illini Dad

Rumor is that the Fighting Illini are going to change their names to the Sassy Squirrels. In this case, it would be inappropriate. Relieve the Chief, I say!

9 01 2017

Off topic, but nice to know this involves the usual suspects and Meachum Park area of Kirkwood is still ooky:

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