Alas, I Know Better

9 01 2017


What’s that you say?

Now, really, you’re putting me on.

But you didn’t do a good enough job.  You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to slip one past me, because I know better.

Because I pay attention to Civic Progress and some of these very same public officials or former ones, I know that there’s no such thing as violent crime in the city, that it’s all an illusion that exists only as a function of the inability of the city to annex. You know, they talk about a severe crime spike in the neighborhoods around Gravois Park, except if the City of St. Louis could annex Chesterfield, then there would be no crime around Gravois Park. Furthermore, if there actually is any crime, it’s not cracker’s problem anyway, because it’s almost entirely the criminal ghetto black undertow as both perpetrator and victim.




3 responses

10 01 2017

The victims are all people “known to law enforcement”. Like the female crips who were coming out of midnight mass and got jacked.

10 01 2017

That’s the thing, as I said in my Mokwa post. Just because “most” perps and vics are the same kind of thugs doesn’t mean they all are, and even if you disregard the kind of thug-on-thug violent crime we are (sometimes) told to disregard, that STILL leaves a violent crime rate way higher than almost everywhere else.

10 01 2017

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