Get Help, Ned

9 01 2017


It’s just not healthy to be that chronically paranoid.

Ned Resnikoff, in case you don’t know, is the senior editor over at Think Regress.




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9 01 2017

The whole Trump Derangement Syndrome seemed like a funny joke, but I’m starting to think it may be real. Time for TDS public service spots on the telly? It’s a good thing these people don’t own firearms. Let’s see how deep this goes, someone needs to do a study one year from now on how many registered D’s bought firearms in fear of Trump’s storm troopers.

10 01 2017
10 01 2017

Ned’s last paragraph:

First off, why would he describe an interaction with a plumber before now as “ambiguous?” We know he’s hiding under his bed now in fear of the plumber, post-Trump, but even before, it’s not as if he’s intimating that he could ever be friendly or amicable with the plumber.

And then there’s his last line. His classism and paranoia is our fault.

10 01 2017
Alex the Goon

He says he’s straight, yet sounds like a complete not-straight.

10 01 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Welcome to the “mind” of your (((enemy))). Basically its a bunch of neuroses held together by paranoia. (((They)))’re clueless too. When they talk about you, they project themselves onto you. Ever wonder why everything you do is a “phobia” to (((them)))? Because everything they don’t like or hate is based on a phobia. That plumber is vital to that cocksucker’s survival, but that dipshit sees an existential threat anyway.
Why? He’s not dumb enough to fool with the drivel of the Lugenpresse. “White Privilege” is the ability to see through the lameass smoke and mirrors of this lying binge. That’s why Far-East Asians like Japs and Koreans have it too.

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