He Really Is That Dumb

10 01 2017

Grand Center; Washington, D.C.

As the Toast Burns on The Painting:

Lazy Clay filed a report with the United States Capitol Police Department because Duncan Hunter took his district’s painting down.

So, let me get this straight.  Lazy filed a police report over a painting which depicts the police as pigs.

And he expects the USCP to work really hard on and expedite that job.

If Clay is worried about racial injustices and the USCP, he might want to ask them about Miriam Carey.

There are also contradictory stories that Clay has returned the painting to where it was before Duncan Hunter took it down, and that the Congressional Bellcurve Caucus has put it on the wall of the caucus’s own office in the Capitol.  Either way, I do know that Clay told the media that it’s a First Amendment issue, because Confederate stuff.  Of course, those of us who pay attention to Southern heritage issues and politics, we wonder if the First Amendment really exists anymore; hell, I saw on Sab that the Houston chapter of BLM is harassing a store in a Houston mall for selling Confederate merchandise.




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