Life is a Marathon

10 01 2017

Landover, Maryland and Tuscaloosa, Alabama

H/T Steve Sailer.

How to look at this?

There is the HBD angle.

But there’s also the matter of the fact that life is a marathon, not a sprint. (Which also plays into HBD.) Considering the disappointing recent history of ‘Bama RBs in the NFL, cough cough, Mark Ingram, cough cough, Trent Richardson, I think that once it’s all said and done, Kirk Cousins will have had the much better NFL career than Bo Scarbrough.




4 responses

10 01 2017

He Is going to get some “you rayciss” tweets over just showing that

10 01 2017

“There is the HBD angle.” – there is also the steroid angle.

11 01 2017
Amateur Anthropologist

On average, Congoids mature sooner. They also die sooner of natural causes if not snuffed out earlier by senseless violence.

11 01 2017

Even without the violence, they mature sooner, peak sooner, but also fall sooner. Side by side comparison pics when they’re 40.

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