12 01 2017

Santa Barbara, California


An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official allegedly threatened executives at an energy company by telling them he would send them to prison to be raped by a black male prisoner named “Leroy,” the Santa Barbara News-Press reports.

The EPA official being a good progressive, no doubt.

ICYMI, “Leroy” is a metaphor that people like me, untouchable non-progressives, use to describe unworthy if not outright criminal black men.




4 responses

12 01 2017

It is ashamed what blacks have done to the name LeRoy. There is a white cashier in my Walmart, in his 80s he has got to be the sweetest person going. His name is LeRoy. I doubt there are now or ever will be again any whites named LeRoy.

12 01 2017
Avenge Harambe

Ahh Leroy. Back in the good old days of my youth, Leroy (and Willie) were the names we used for anonymous black males. Now we use the monikers D’Shawntavious or Shitavious. My how times have changed. What this says is that these days blacks are now even more outside mainstream American society.

12 01 2017
Alex the Goon

It also shows how behind-the-times that EPA agent is.
I once had a negro coworker named Leroy, who pronounced it “le-ROY” instead of the more niggerly “LEEE-roy”.

13 01 2017
Justice, No More, No Less

Why does anyone think it hilarious that pavement apes rape white men? It is evil and sick. Pavement apes- and everyone else, for that matter, should be in prison to perform hard labor, but why let the pavement ape be the cock of the walk?

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