Path of Least Resistance

12 01 2017


Washington Free Beacon:

If you’re male and 18 and waiting anxiously for your acceptance at a prestigious coastal liberal arts college or university, the authors of The Campus Rape Frenzy would undoubtedly have two words of advice: Don’t go. That is, if you plan on any sexual M.O. other than abstinence.

This is how I’ve come to the conclusion that a major driver of this is helicopter fathers weaponizing the Federal government which in turn weaponizes college administrators to put a chastity belt on their college-aged daughters.  Good ole inductive reasoning.  You figure out the path of least resistance, and then work backwards.





3 responses

12 01 2017

Dads have nothing to do with it. It’s lesbians, the uggos and white-hating left-winged racists. Notice how all of this is aimed only at white males, how the left completely ignores rape charges against blacks in and around the campii.

13 01 2017
Dale Gribble

My wife grew up in one of those leafy college towns in rural New England. Outside the liberal arts college, there is little professional employment. This will mean more tail for the local roofer/drywaller boys whom the colleges cant discipline. BTW all the jobs you see Hispanics doing down here, WHITE men do up there.

13 01 2017

I suspect its intended to stop assortive mating amongst Whites. Usual suspects who practice eugenics in their own tribe but comdemn it for others.

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