Two Flakes

13 01 2017


DOJ released its report on the CPD today.

All I can say is that if you can find a way to bet or or invest in a higher violent crime rate in Chicago for this current year over last current year, then bet the farm.

I saw on SCC that the DOJ investigators interviewed Michael Pfleger six times but didn’t talk to Garry McCarthy even once.  Now, they’re both flakes, but the difference is that the McCarthy flake actually had police power in Chicago over the range of time the DOJ was interested in.




6 responses

14 01 2017

Indeed, as will report soon, it will be a total free-for-all shitshow this year after the Loretta Lynch Lunatic DOJ press conference today. However, President Trump and AG Sessions may end this nonsense of blaming the police rather than the politicians.

14 01 2017
Joshua Sinistar

One has to just wonder if there is an endgame here. What exactly do they expect from these savages? Without proper policing, they even kill each other. I suppose the original idea was to get Whites scared enough to give up their guns, but then why go after police? Was it a “brilliant plan” to make Whites leave the police? Then What? Zimbabwe, I’m guessing.
Anyone who wants to believe in this should take a closer look at the stupid way its going. There can only be two possible outcomes here. Either this Weimar Republic gets crushed by a White Uprising like before in Germany, or the whole fucking House of Cards Collapses into a Mad Max Dystopian Wasteland with homosexual mutant gangs and small bands of survivalists.
Hmm, maybe I should look at some fast cars, and getting a dog. And a shotgun.

14 01 2017
Alex the Goon

Maybe there is no endgame. Maybe it’s just a game (((they))) simply enjoy watching. Millions watch feetsball and baksketball all year, but none of that really hinges on who wins the superb owl at the end; because even the fullest of retards would realize they’ve been wasting their time, money and energy – all year, every year.

14 01 2017

The end game is the destruction of Christianity. First to provoke mass killing of the savages by whites, then to guilt whites in its aftermath.

15 01 2017

There’s no one single endgame.

The middle class, of all ethnic groups, who support this are rational, Middle Class Strivers have the most to lose from a strong LEOS presence aimed at (Drug) status offenses. You can lose professional licenses and job opportunities for even minor drug charges.

After that, it’s a political weapon. Biggest hole in urban municipal budgets is pension costs, weakening the police seems to be part of Rahm’s looting of Chicago.

The low level political activists, like Delray, are some combinations of true believers and knowing an opportunity when they see one. If he wants political influence, he can’t very well turn on his own side and call for more arrests, he can only target the political force that his side has the most conflict with.

14 01 2017

SCC is reading the report and sees nothing new or shocking.

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