Dindu Day

16 01 2017


Some text to go with it.  He didn’t show the ATV and bike story that the video alluded to, but here ya be, thanks to the magic of Ye Olde Internets.  The 12 O’Clock Boys thing, which started in Baltimore, has apparently spread to Miami.  There hasn’t been that much of it around here, but there was an outbreak Downtown back in September.

For egalitarian white people, Martin Luther King Day is sacred.  In Bell Curve City, it’s just another dindu day.




3 responses

16 01 2017
16 01 2017
Alex the Goon

German Shepherds worked better, and we’ve got more of them.
Nevertrumpers outraged — OUTRAGED!! WE HAVE SO MUCH TO OFFER!!!! — to be on the Imperial Shitlist.

17 01 2017

Not only in Miami but also in Chicago as well or should I said, as usual.

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