Hi Barack!

16 01 2017

Palm Springs, California

The Obamas are headed straight to Palm Springs after the inauguration.

Which once and for all means that my speculation that they wouldn’t even attend the inauguration is out the window.

But, knowing what they will be doing, it comes back to being relevant to me.

If their flight from Andrews AFB to Palm Springs International follows the usual most direct “great circle” path, then it means they will be flying over the city of St. Louis, and even more so, they will be flying directly over the dead on epicenter of Bell Curve City.  I could imagine the fight would easily be visible from Ferguson, provided the skies are clear, and it looks like they will be on Friday afternoon around here.  Though, depending on when it leaves Andrews, and past experience is that the flight taking the newly minted former President takes off around 4 PM Eastern, the Obama flight would likely cross over St. Louis after local sunset.  I might be able to see it, because I would know where to look, except I probably won’t be home by then, and where I’m at now and will be during the course of this week is nowhere gawkably close to the flight path.





2 responses

16 01 2017
Alex the Goon

Hmmm. Why oh why would they be going to Faaaaabulous Springs?

19 01 2017

The flights follow navigation beacons on the ground in well established aerial corridors, not the direct Great Circle. The transcontinental routes vere to stay away from busy air space like around Chicago. I know there is one right along the 40th parallel as I see lots of them at cruising altitude with binoculars on a clear summer day along with all the contrails.

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