Six Words to Edify

16 01 2017

Boston; San Francisco

Key takeaway:

…the bachelor’s degree is becoming the new high school diploma. Rather than a ticket to a high-paying, managerial job, the four-year degree is now the minimum ticket to get in the door to any job.

Which we all knew.

These thirty-five words need six more to be made all the more understandable:





One response

16 01 2017
egregious philbin

if it wasn’t for those 6 words – maybe throw in 2 more – “disparate impact” – then employers could give a quick IQ test to predict job performance more accurately than the rough IQ test (which is: showing up every day to complete the requirements of a 4-year degree). that would save billion$ & then only a very few smart STEM-ers would even have to go to college. alas, IQ has disparate impact (it “notices” things – similar to life) & cannot be used.

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