Think Globally (About Faulty Causation)

16 01 2017

London; Oxford, England; Davos, Switzerland


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The question of increasing concentration of wealth is a problem. The question of increasingly impoverished masses is a problem. However, I don’t think they’re necessarily correlated, and it’s faulty causation to so state or insinuate. Furthermore, I don’t think Davos and Oxfam are opponents, or really that far apart. What they really are, are two different sides of the same coin.

To explain further, some would like to think that the problem of the increasing elitism of wealth concentration, the problem of increasing desperation of the average sorts of people, and the consequent problem of burgeoning income and wealth inequality, are so closely and holistically intertwined and correlated that there are a few easy solutions that like a magic bullet solve all three, easy peasy, that’s all she wrote, nothing but net. I don’t think it’s that easy, because, like I wrote above, they are discrete and none too closely correlated problems.  In reality, they have separate causes, therefore, I think the solution set for the first problem will be separate from the solution set for the second problem, and solving both problems discretely with their individual solution sets will by definition solve the third problem.

Consider that, of the eight people shown here, most of their aggregate net worth is a function of either crony capitalism, or abuse of monopoly power, or epehmerally illusory, or some combination of the three.  The two Koch brothers are the only two for whom there is any real “there there” to their fortune, and the irony is that they’re the two the left hates the most.  A right-populist agenda of beefed up anti-trust/anti-monopoly legislation and enforcement, socio-cultural-political demotion of stock exchanges to a less prominent station of the economy, and breaking up crony capitalist structures, systems and relationships, would hurt the net worths of some of these eight listed individuals more than others.  But by itself, would not make the lives of WCWs in Pennsylvania nor the desperate masses huddled along the Ganges River any better.

Another problem, especially with the way the left tries to deal with these issues, is that for them, social justice warriorism is the opiate of their masses.  If they get too close to solving the problem accidentally, someone will scream something about some ism or phobia.  Remember:


We already see evidence of that here, for the way Oxfam talking heads throw in this snark about “the worrying rise in racism,” “Trump,” and “Brexit.” When in reality, those things are part of the pushback against burgeoning inequality. I can assure you that well-to-do London residents voted for Remain not for altruistic reasons and not to spite their own bank accounts.




4 responses

16 01 2017

“However, I don’t think they’re necessarily correlated, and it’s faulty causation to so state or insinuate.” – they are to a certain extent, more people = more cheap labor, less concern for the sorts of institutions that would restrain the wealthiest few, and so on. There is a reason these people are all trying to cram our countries with as much of the 3rd world as they can.

But yes a rich person in America and a billion poor in Africa and Asia have little to do with one another(beyond the fact that our knowledge and technology have facilitated the existence of both quite frankly), and the answer is not the redistribution of wealth, but for the 3rd world to not have had a sky high TFR for the last century.

16 01 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Its a trap! That Lugenpresse sob story is just “Hey squirrel!” You see there are just three degrees of separation to this story. The Rich are the (((enemy))) and the poor are their biological weapons they use against us. Which side are you on?
I’m on my side. If those niggers want to Eat the Rich, then Come and Get It.
We are LEGION. They are Soylent Green. I’ll send the hordes back home, but if they want to gnaw on ass, they’re plenty of Big Rich Ass they can sink their teeth into. Hit it Bono. Globalism might end as a Giant Soylent Green BBQ.
What do these (((elites))) taste like? Well they act like Chickens.

16 01 2017

Eh.. All I see is ROI on ROI. Once you have a certain amount and have invested a certain amount, the shit just blows up on it’s own. No nefarious actions needed. Or, you own a large self sustaining business that pays you. Again ROI on ROI.

The onliest problem I have with them is that they keep messing with government policy that messes up the rest of us.

18 01 2017


What they’re saying is that, as some trolls put it, they are engaged in a Goliath versus David struggle to speak power to truth, in order to beat back the massive conspiracy of the broke and powerless against the rich and powerful. Their solution is a few crumbs, bread and circuses.

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