Key Takeaways

17 01 2017

Jefferson City

The key takeaways from Greitens’s first SOTS were:  Hair braiding, and COBOL.

And that just about everyone who stood up to cheer his call for major legislative ethics reform with teeth don’t want any part of it.  I do think that Greitens and Hawley are going to team up to do whatever they can do in terms of enforcement and prosecutions to bring down the hammer, and I think they’ll both have conversations with whoever Trump appoints as U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri (the Kansas City-based district has jurisdiction over Jefferson City) to see what the Feds can do.

From what I saw, watching the stream off of Missouri Net, (formerly known as the Nixon News Network), is that the non-legislative crowd in the house was way smaller than it was in the last two years, of course, I was there for the last two years, and the circus atmosphere in the rotunda, with the assembled media and the food vendors and tables, was absent.  It seemed more like a ghost town.

Missouri Net also had Brian Hauswirth instead of Mike Lear be the lead anchor.  That was a bit curious.  But since Lear loved to follow Jay Nixon around like a lost puppy dog, I don’t think he wanted to do it this year.  For all I know, he might not even be at Missouri Net anymore.




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