Needs Context

17 01 2017

Boston; Washington, D.C.

In the light of the Dime Store Indian grilling Betsy Wetsy for her support of vouchers, some are pointing out that the former woman once herself supported vouchers.

Yes, she did.  But that fact needs context.  Here is the context.

If you missed my wrap-up on Sunday, while we’re on the subject of Betsy Wetsy, then I wrote this:

The more time goes on, the more I dislike the choice of Betsy Wetsy at Ed.  Not that I think she’s particularly abhorrent.  No, the reason I’m increasingly disliking the choice is because of the Machiavellian politics of the choice.  It’s giving the teachers’ unions an outbound target.  Remember, until now, the teachers’ unions and the neoliberal reformists were firing at each other within the blue team tent.  Now, that’s all forgotten, because Betsy Wetsy is giving them a much easier target, and because a “Republican” PEOTUS chose her, it gets the unions and the neolibs back on good terms.  Trump should have really picked someone with Machiavellian wedge-dropping politics in mind, so that we would actually see a death march duel between Davis Guggenheim and Randi Weingarten come to pass.





3 responses

18 01 2017

Yea, vouchers are a fraud and school failings are the result of too many dumb blacks and Latinos. When is someone going to speak the plan truth?

19 01 2017

I don’t think Elizabeth Warren ever really advocated vouchers like that, in the sense of being a hard core dyed in the wool ideologue about that. I think what it was, back in 2003, she co-wrote the book with her daughter, and in their research, they found out that the race-to-the-bottom to avoid “bad schools” and the outrageous bidding for a house in a school district with “good schools” was a major driver of middle class economic anxiety. The way I figure, at that moment, they knew they were staring at a taboo, they couldn’t link the good vs bad schools issue around to NAM students. So they had to mush-mouth their way around discussing education and speculating on solutions. And, floating a voucher system was a safe non-controversial non-taboo way to fill in the blanks.

19 01 2017

She says that medical bills are the major driver, which contradicts what she co-wrote with her daughter.

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