This Will Be On the Test

17 01 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Hotel Room

“The asteroid is worth $10 quintillion.”

The race to the gold star stars…NOW.  Considering what this rock is made of, “race to the gold star” is apropos.

And this is not an open-book test, so no cheating by reading the article or my Minds page.




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17 01 2017

It’s been known for decades that some asteroids in earth crossing orbits were worth a fortune, at current terrestrial market prices. It’s not like a literally gold mine sitting in orbit might push prices down or anything.

It’s a rather out of this world way to play with precious metal prices, but if you’ve got the money and technology to get the asteroid to NEO or a L-whatever point, the sky is the limit.

17 01 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Yeah this sounds like a Richie Rich Comic Book! What kind of fucking idiots write for these rags? You know what would happen if you dropped tons of gold on the market? Gold would drop to the floor. Any commodity worth a mint is worth that because of scarcity. You bring shitloads of that back and drop it on the commodities market and they’ll kill you for destroying their life savings.
Although it might be worth it, just to see Libertarians with their gold bug fetish cry forever and shut up about the Gold Standard.

17 01 2017

They’ll have to move to bitcoin.

19 01 2017

If found highly concentrated so large industrial plants didn’t need to be on site the Platinum and Iridium could be quite useful for practical applications.

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