Why I’m #NRx

18 01 2017

Washington, D.C.

It’s time to strap on the ole syllogistic feed bag.

These two things are simultaneously true:

(1) The Obama Administration has been a roaring success in terms of implementing the Obama agenda.

(2) His legislative resume has been the thinnest in a long time, and is thinner than one-term Presidents Carter and Bush 41.  Furthermore, for the most part, his relationship with Congress has been strained during his time as President.

What’s the conclusion?




6 responses

18 01 2017

The only thing that matters is the phone and pen. Down with the failed Republic!

18 01 2017

Obama’s only agenda was Obama, and beyond that he didn’t do much if anything for the people behind the curtain who pushed him forward.

18 01 2017
Joshua Sinistar

I wonder how long after he leaves it will be before the Democrats begin to admit how much damage Revrum Akhenaten did to their political party? Decimated is an appropriate phrase for it. Now that Whites are asserting themselves as a common people, that crazy quilt of hate will unravel fast. They care not for the false song and dance of globalism. That pretense of caring lasts just as long as the food line has something to hand out.
Did you ever see the “Man who would be King” with Sean Connery? Its all fun and games until the savages realize you aren’t really their god after all. Let me tell ya all right now. The Cargo Cult will have you for dinner when you’re not Santa Claus anymore.

18 01 2017
John Vawter

His main legacy will be strengthening the Executive branch in preparation for the “God Emperor.”

18 01 2017

Blacks lack the social skills and emotional intelligence to work with and cooperate with others. Skills white have in abundance.

21 01 2017

The conclusion? The conclusion is that the Republicans are collaborators with the left, not real opponents. They trade the interests of the vast (white) majority of their constituents to the liberal/Jewish establishment in exchange for the opportunity to service their Wall Street patrons. That’s their job in the System, keeping whitey on the plantation, atomized and ripe for exploitation by everybody else. Thus the Republican reaction to Donald Trump. Pretty soon, though, the System will have imported enough colonists and they will no longer need the Republicans to keep whitey on the plantation. The Republicans must realize this but they are long past the point where they became totally debauched and debased and started shamelessly whoring for the money. I mean, Paul Ryan.

It all comes down to the Jewish/liberal control of the media. The Republicans realized as long ago as Nixon that when you have near totalitarian control of the media you’ll control politics. Being class bigots to begin with, they had no real interest in the interests of the majority of their constituents and it was easier and better for them to simply sell them out. The practice was immortalized in the words of Nixon’s Attorney General, John Mitchell, to blacks: “Watch what we do, not what we say.” They might have fought and suffered an honorable defeat, but honor is foreign to them and as I said, their hearts really aren’t in the fight. They’re in their wallets.

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