Quick Inauguration Thoughts

20 01 2017

Washington, D.C.

* There was definitely a Show-Me State flair.  The first two official speakers at the inauguration ceremony are both natives, Sen. Roy Blunt (Springfield) and Cardinal Timothy Dolan (St. Louis).  And I’m sure Blunt, as chair of the inauguration ceremonies, pulled a few strings to get the MSU choir their gig.

* Trump’s inauguration speech sounded like a mix of Andrew Jackson, Steve Sailer-style citizenism, partly Stephen Miller-written, and took several implicit swipes at (God, how I love to be able to say these words) former President Obama.  It was not the kind of Presidential inauguration speech that a conventional-ish sort of politician would have ever given.

* This is the third Presidential transition in the internet age, and like both times before, 2001 and 2009, the WhiteHouse.Gov website instantly changed at Noon Eastern.




11 responses

20 01 2017

The media are already falling all over themselves to try to find hidden and secret meanings and messages, and dog whistles, in the inauguration speech.

20 01 2017

Former President Obama (I can’t get enough of that phrase) begins his retirement the same way he spent much of his Presidency: On vacation.

20 01 2017

The general atmosphere in Washington today is that of a forlorn atmosphere because it was just conquered by a foreign hostile power. And, in a way, that’s just what happened.

20 01 2017
David In TN

The MSM today is wailing about the “polarization” in America. So are the cucks at NRO. And they acknowledge it would be there without Donald Trump.

Well, the more “diverse” a country is, the less “unity” it will have. They call for more diversity and whine about how impossible it is to “bring us together.”

20 01 2017

Blunt also used the occasion for his remarks at the Statuary Hall lunch to shout out the Show-Me.

20 01 2017
21 01 2017
The Gentle Grizzly

To Countenance: Sorry for sending a link on this before I saw Avenge H’s comment.

21 01 2017

No problem, some news is so depressing that it needs to be read twice.

20 01 2017

He has the rhetoric of Andrew Jackson, but a cabinet that only Calvin Coolidge and William McKinley could love.

In the interests of being conciliatory, I did like that he said we won’t seek to impose our way of life on everyone. I also think there should be a second detente with Russia. But I’m agnostic on whether or not he lives up to those promised policies. promise. I remember Bush and his “humble foreign policy”,

21 01 2017

(1) The more I think about it, the more I hear Charles Murray in the inauguration speech.

(2) People are making a BFD, or interpreting something conspiratorially malicious, about how “climate change” and “LGBTQ-BLT-BBQ-LOL” disappeared from whitehouse.gov at noon. Like I wrote above, everything disappeared at noon. It’s the same thing that happened in the two other transitions in the internet age, Clinton to Bush, and then Bush to Obama. The whitehouse.gov contents were scrubbed and replaced right at 12 noon.

Likewise, there have been five Gubernatorial transitions in Missouri during the internet age: Mel Carnahan to Roger Wilson (after the plane crash), Roger Wilson to Bob Holden (a few months later), Holden to Matt Blunt, Blunt to Jay Nixon, and Nixon to Eric Greitens. And each time, when the transition happened at normal schedule, noon on the second Monday in January after a quadrennial year, the state government’s Governor’s page changed instantly. After the plane crash that killed Carnahan, and the emergency swearing in of Wilson, the page changed a little later.

(3) The aura of a hostile foreign power conquering Washington as a city…that’s a theme I’m starting to see, hear and read in several places, including the WaPo, even though I misplaced the URL.

21 01 2017

“(3) The aura of a hostile foreign power conquering Washington as a city…that’s a theme I’m starting to see, hear and read in several places, including the WaPo, even though I misplaced the URL.” – That is what happened, the urbanites were laid low by the ruralites. Nevermind Trump being NYC through and through of course.

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