The First Sunday Wrap-Up in the Year of the Frog

22 01 2017


* Here’s his message:  “Bruh, don’t fuck this up, because this truly is your last chance.  The guy replacing me ain’t gonna give you another one.”

Yes, I did use “bruh” in this space.  In fact, not so long ago, I was made an honorary bruh for a time period of one week.

* It’s a big blow to social justice, or something like that.  The SnS that’s closing is actually along North Florissant, not West Florissant, which means it’s along Ferguson’s better north-south drag, not the more infamous one to the east of it, (in spite of its cardinal name).  It’s also close to Ferguson’s city hall and police HQ.

* Update on a story I touched on a few weeks ago.  I thought they knocked back a different place close to there.  In reality, this was at the mainstream Verizon store on the site of the old Famous and Barr, now an open strip mall anchored by Petsmart and OfficeMax.

* It was still a bad idea for her to become Circuit Attorney, and I think she’s going to soft pedal black crime and bring down the hammer on white cops.  But at least in this instance, she got it right.

* Just think how much more such “clear video” we’ll have when cop body cameras are ubiquitous.  Also, methinks these people need new dogs.

* More “clear video.”  Involves McDonalds, and ESL.  You can WRPT your way to the rest without even reading.

* Think we have budget problems now?  Look at what Kit Bond had to contend with 36 years ago, as he was starting the second of his two non-consecutive terms as Governor.

* Obviously this is the right decision.  Because, while I’ve had the occasion in my life to be naked while doing laundry, (don’t ask), it was purely voluntary.  OTOH, this gives me an idea for a game, yeah, let’s call it a game, I can play when I bag my next g/f.

* This would otherwise better be placed in the Trump section.  But, since it relates regionally, and I need more meat on the bone in this stack, it’s going here.

Young Mr. Olson’s support for Trump is ironic, considering his father’s employer.


* Think it’s bad now?  More and more jurisdictions are raising the smoking age from 18 to 21.  Expect more of this.

* The Googitburo just plonked True News USA, and no clue if it will ever come back.  But, before they did, TNUSA ran a story about Crook County Sheriff Dodge Dart unloading his jail’s inmates onto collar counties and their jails, and the problems it’s causing there.  Probably the main reason Dart is doing that is to relieve overcrowding, but I also think it’s to cut down on NAM, especially black, inmates, in terms of raw numbers and percentages, to mollify BLM, Jesse Jackson, Toni Prickwinkle, and the media.

* This would otherwise better be placed in the national section, below the other 2A story.  But, because it relates to Chicago, and I need more meat on the bone in my Chicago stack, it’s going here.

First off, Diane Sykes is said to be on Trump’s short short short list for SCOTUS.  I remember her name being floated during the Bush 43 years when the vacancies that he ultimately filled with John Roberts and Sam Alito (after the Harriet Miers fiasco) came open.

Second, as you can see, the city had no case.  They just threw pickles against the glass to see if any one of them would stick.


* Two long form pieces, one at MSNBC, one at Politico, about whoa-are-the-Democrats, they’ll be in the wilderness for generations.

This was the party line about the Republicans eight years ago at this time.

There will be a big election next year, and three years from now, and five years from now, and seven years from now, lots and lots of current years.

The potential difference now is that Trump has the FDR-style capability to lock down the two party demographic split for a long time.  Just as there were a lot of people that kept on voting for FDR over Hoover for decades and decades, I think we’ll have many elections long after they’re both gone to the Great Beyond where people are still voting for Trump over Hillary.

* You have to feel sorry for them, because at least when it happened live, they didn’t get to see the candidate who they voted for in their mock elections be inaugurated.  Because, controlling for geography, school mock elections were slightly more pro-Trump than the adult voting population.  In contrast, in the old days, when I had to walk to school 20 miles one way through a foot of snow to go to school, uphill both ways, the three inaugurations that took place during my K-12 years were in second grade (Reagan’s second), sixth grade (Bush 41), and sophomore year in high school (Clinton), and all three times, we got to watch them, and in fact, in high school, the watch party was an all-school assembly.

* Trump, showing how unprepared he is:

Inside transition headquarters, a mock Senate committee room was built and 189 volunteers, even some GOP senators, were recruited to bark questions and create the real feeling of a confirmation hearing. Cabinet picks have participated in over 30 practice hearings including 15 during the first week of January.

During the murder boards, the cabinet nominees answered 2,604 questions during practice sessions over more than 70 hours, an average of about 120 questions per session.

Never takes anything seriously.

* Speaking of the past, remember my prediction of media copy on Janaury 20, 2018, about (how orgasmic it is to write this) former President Obama’s first year out of office, that, contra Rush Limbaugh’s theory that Obama’s going to vigorously defend his legacy to the point of leading a parallel government out of the Kalorama house he’s renting from Joe Lockjaw, that instead, what we’ll actually read is this:  “I didn’t know it was physically possible for one man to play that much golf.”

Justifying my theory, so it begins.


* Three cheers for cisheteronormativity.

May it be a thing in the current year.

* This is the kind of news the crowd that supposedly so despises police violence and abuse of power says nothing about.

* Boston, one of the bluest city around, and more highly esteemed institutions of higher learning than Carter had pills.  Even that berg can’t avoid race problems.  Either that, or “solving race problems” is a disingenuous political front.

* You know how the recent joke went:  I went to the news stand to buy a copy of Newsweek for a few bucks, and when I got there, I found I could instead buy the whole operation for one buck.  Likewise, I went to the mall with $200 burning a hole in my pocket, and when I got there, I found out I could buy the whole mall for only half that.

This very mall, if memory serves, has twice been newsworthy in the Kwanzatide breakout of mall mahogany mobs.

* Why it took so long to notify the victims…is a very good question.

But here’s an even better question:

Why did it even happen at all?

Let me put it to you this way:  Do you remember these recent headlines?

California accidentally releases private information on women’s health care center providers
California accidentally releases private information on owners of medical marijuana dispensaries
California accidentally releases private information on administrators of undocumented immigrant sanctuaries

What, you don’t?

* Now, maybe we can retire this stupid phrase “anti-intellectual.”

Notice that he was once a Unabomber target, Al Gore’s book was found in the Unabomber’s shack.


* The daily narrative flip flop:  On even-numbered days of the months, the party line is that black students need great teachers, the best teachers, to teach them, because that is what they lack, denying them that is racist.  On odd-numbered days, the party line is that black students shouldn’t have the best teachers, and if you give them that, well then, racism.

* “Can it be undone?”  Which is dog whistling, skid greasing and predication to try to mollify us when it is undone.  Like I’ve been predicting ever since the Brexit vote.

* It’s not just the emotional shot in the arm he has provided.  Trump as President is helping the Euro pop-nat space in a more crucial but less well understood way:  The executive power of the American military and soft power mechanisms is now in the hands of someone who at the very least is not hostile to the pop-nat space, and in some instances, viz: Farage, MLP, supports it.  Unlike before, when American soft power could be counted in to make life hard for a Euro pop-nat.


* Really?

* That’s the way it is with birds, then and now.  When the choices are flight or fight, if you can’t fly, then you better be good at fighting.




3 responses

22 01 2017
Alex the Goon

Maybe (((they)))’ll retire “Anti-intellectualism” by rebranding it “antisemitism” — He attributed the decline in American culture to “an increasing Jewish presence at top colleges.” (Gelernter himself is Jewish.)

Really? — Those guys really need to get laid.

22 01 2017
David In TN

The first presidential inauguration I have memories of was JFK in 1961. His speech was more noted at the time and remembered afterward than any prior to this year’s.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard in my lifetime either the Democratic or Republican party was finished.

23 01 2017
Dr Duke

In the news coverage of the “clear video” break in they interview other break in victims. They show a white woman with a black child she claims is her son. I would not be surprised if the thieves were friends of his and had visited the house before. We also get to see her cuckold of a husband and he looks just like what you would expect.

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