An Infinite Supply of Time

24 01 2017


Like I’ve been saying.

Delay delay delay, stall stall stall.  And keep on delaying and stalling until people get tired of it, people quit paying attention, people move on to other things, and nobody notices much less gets angry when Brexit never formally occurs.

And now, the British Supreme Court (a relatively new institution, btw) has made this tactic a hell of a lot easier, by decreeing that Brexit has to be an active and overt Parliamentary action.




One response

24 01 2017
Joshua Sinistar

They’re all running out of time. Tick tock, watch the clock. You cannot stop an idea whose time has come.

Whites have finally awakened from their slumber. An Angry Giant sees the fools who have no plan but run. They have nowhere to run to this time. They won’t fight, trust me. They never fight themselves. Their biological weapons could be their DOOM. They don’t follow the enemy. They don’t have strategies. They look for weak and easy targets.

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