He’s Gone to the Great Dayum in the Sky

24 01 2017


The supposed founder and impresario of WSHH, one Lee O. “Q” Denat, is dead at the age of 43, heart attack.

For those of you who are relatively new, I have an unorthodox, probably out there in left field, borderline tinfoil-y theory about WSHH.

It’s based on the notion that video hosting websites take big iron, big pipes and big money.  Plain words, you just can’t start one and run a successful one while you’re a “Haitian ghetto nerd” running around in your parents’ basement clad only in your underroos fiddling around with an iPad.

I’m plenty Machiavellian, but I’m not filthy rich.  If I was filthy rich to go with Machiavellian, I would realize that everything the Alt-Right has been doing over the years to tell the truth about the black undertow isn’t amounting to much of anything in terms of real world push back. Aside from other reasons.  But then I would also realize that you can’t hurt your opponents as well as they can hurt themselves.

What if somewhere, there was an unheralded rich Alt-Right sort who one day figured out that we needed quit telling people who bad the black undertow is, and instead let the black undertow tell us how bad they are, one video upload at a time?  And what if said individual, operating from behind curtains and through intermediaries, found an ambitious young black man in Queens to be the front and public face of the operation?

I’m not saying this is true.  I am saying that I would not be surprised if this is what we found out one day.  If it’s true, then we’re about to find out, because Denat has moved on to his eternal reward.




One response

24 01 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Alright, Question Diversity. Put down that Reynold’s Wrap and step away from the X-Files. You don’t need to be Machiavelli to have blacks behaving badly. Give em a phone with a camera and WorldStarHipHop will be everything the Klan said was true. Keeping it Real is every bad black behaving badly. Everything that COPs edited out, is there and then some.
All of you who talk Machiavelli should read “The Prince” sometime. Its not as sinister as people say. I always liked Plato’s Republic better, but not because its Utopian. Manipulation is dangerous. Newton said for every action there’s a reaction. Sneaky and underhanded only goes so far. The hidden hand cannot really be an Iron Fist. At least not if it wants to stay hidden.
Politics is merely War in another form. Sun Tzu can say a lot that applies to politics too. Basically, the World is full of competing interests. The best way to beat them is to get them to NOT COMPETE with you. Common enemies, misdirection and sabotage can take you farther than direct competition.
The Achilles Heel of the Left is they don’t know their enemies. Their natural aversion and intolerance of other opinions makes them almost completely ignorant about us. That ignorance is OUR STRENGTH. That and the fact they have no real supporters. The Left is a crazy quilt as you know. They have no real common interests. They are almost all single issue, and don’t play well together. The top is made of crooks seeking money through selling power and influence. The bottom is dysfunctional. Its losers and bums. There have no middle.
KNOW YOUR ENEMY AND KNOW YOURSELF AND IN A HUNDRED BATTLES YOU WILL NOT BE IN PERIL. War and politics. A difference of attitudes, separated only by directness.

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