They Left Their Hearts In San Francisco

24 01 2017


The Hill has this long spread about CA-GOV next year, with Lt. Gov. and former San Francisco Mayor Gavin “Any Twosome” Newsom as the favorite.

Something I’ve noticed is that as Los Angeles turns into Guatemala, the political heart of California now beats in the Bay Area instead of L.A.  It seems as if Bay Area politicians want L.A. to turn into Guatemala for that reason, and that, they realize, unlike a certain now-discredited consultant-donor class of a certain political party, there is no ZOMG GREAT HISPANIC VOTER TIDAL WAVE LOL~!!!!!1!1!1

From the article:

Conventional, if counterintuitive, wisdom in California holds that a Democrat with a political base in the San Francisco Bay Area holds an edge over a Democrat from the more populous Los Angeles area. Bay Area voters turn out at higher percentages and vote more reliably Democratic than Angeleno voters.

If the wisdom is conventional, then it’s recent, but not counterintuitive, for reasons I just described.

The most important California politicians since 2010?  Jerry Brown (Oakland), Kamala Harris (San Francisco), Dianne Feinstein (San Francisco), Barbara Boxer (Marin County, though late in her time in the Senate, she moved to the Palm Springs area officially).  And, the odds on favorite to replace Brown as Governor is the aforementioned San Franciscan, Mr. Newsom.




4 responses

24 01 2017

HBD conclusion: if you flood your city with dysgenic Mexicans, the whites up north will clean up, because the Mexicans are busy electing the kind of politicians that made Bell, CA a news item a few years ago . . . local grifters, but not national-level quality, not even close.

25 01 2017
Alex the Goon

I’m too lazy to look it up, but my recollection of the Bell affair is the city was run by legacy whites for 100 years, culminating with the final generation of grifters. Dont remember reading a lot of names ending with “–ez”. Also, its taxbase was mostly inudstrial, so its not like they soaked alot of middleclass residents.

24 01 2017
John Vawter

The elites of both cities (SF & LA) are white, (((white))), asian, LGBT. The vast mass of LA might as well be rural Riverside County, of little concern, no power and balkanized. The hispanic tidal wave of voters may appear someday, but the Tony Villaraigosa experiment has to be deemed a failure.

26 01 2017

Newsom is one of the top ten most appalling people I’ve ever encountered in the political arena.

He and Harris have been groomed ( <— connotation intentional) for many years.

Harris, you prolly know, climbed the political arena dance pole as squeeze of Willie Brown. He's above even Newsom on the list of the most appalling people I've ever encountered in the political arena.

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