Barry on the Spot

25 01 2017

Palm Springs, California

I’m really impressed the way Baraq Obama is vigorously defending his Presidential legacy, using his rented Kalorama mansion as a base to assemble what is more or less an alternate executive branch.

Wait, what?

Just like I thought, he’s well on his way to proving that one man can actually play that much golf.

Final score:  Countenance Blogmeister 1, Rush Limbaugh 0.




4 responses

25 01 2017
David In TN

Not just Limbaugh, but several “commentators” predicted Obama would be a major figure in the opposition to President Donald Trump.

25 01 2017

Yeah, with Trump dismantling his “legacy” with every stroke of the pen, you’d think he’d be right there outside the White House gates leading an angry march of hopeychange bots.

26 01 2017

Can’t a down-low brother take a much-deserved rest after a job well done?

p.s. I hear he’s busy planning an entire interior re-do of the rental, so I’m sure he’s knee deep in prints and patterns!

26 01 2017

Hm, well, I hope Reggie Love and Deray approve of his plans for the joint.

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