Trouble in Pepedise

25 01 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

To put it diplomatically, I’m none too pleased with some of the big wheels in my neck of the political woods as of late.

Just when things are looking up, we revert to doing what we do best, the inward firing squad.

I won’t name names, but you know who you are, otherwise, if it doesn’t apply, let it fly.




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25 01 2017

Adolph Skywalker, er Richard Spencer, shot his load after the election with that ridiculous conference. (Trying to make Nazism great again is a terrible idea, and allowing the Spencers of the world within ten feet of a microphone or any other modern communication device is a problem.) This, on the heel of the dipshit PHALAX stuff last year, and more recently with Enoch getting doxxed, reminds me that this is futile internecine conflict which plays into the hands of the left. Spencer cannot and will not stop himself, and is at best damaged goods.

25 01 2017

I might have been referring to Spencer. But I might have also been referring to the people throwing rocks at Spencer. Or I could be referring to both.

25 01 2017

My comment stands regardless.

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