Border Wall

26 01 2017

Washington, D.C.

Trump should give all the work on the coming USA-Mexico border wall to the same Israeli contractors that built the border fencing, walls and security on the Israel-Sinai border.

Then watch cognitive dissonance take hold and watch brains blue screen.




7 responses

26 01 2017

Great idea. But don’t Leftists virtue signal with pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli positions?

26 01 2017

They do and they will. And this will set off a war between they and the pro-Israel “moderate” left, e.g. Schumer, Feinstein. It’ll also set up a big pie fight within ((())) between people like anti-Israel/anti-Zionist Max Blumenthal, and neo-cons like J-Pod.

27 01 2017

And also among 14-88 types who can’t comprehend the difference between leftwing secular diaspora Jews who live in the US and rightwing nationalist Israelis who face the menace of third-world Islamism everyday.

27 01 2017

Hey Dubya, great to see you haven’t retired yet! Did they promise to let one of your young’ns run against Chelsea if you put in a few words against this danged troublesome new belief people have in genetic characteristics?

26 01 2017
Alex the Goon

Outsource his #1 Campaign Promise, while bullying American companies to bring jobs back home? Why piss off your base, when you have any number of other ways to BSOD the shitlibs and shitsteins.

27 01 2017

Political humor and political pragmatism aside, I was led to understand that it is a mix of Arab and Israeli-American companies, along with eastern European indentured servants and Palestinian slaves, who built Israel’s walls. Jews do manual labor as well as they play sports. But they ARE great at using American F-16s and AR-15s (and of course, shekels laundered out of American dollars) to conscript Druzes and Arab Christians to fix their plumbing, redo their landscaping, and other such labor. It’s kind of like California and Mexicans, except that the army vigorously tracks visa dates and executes anyone who leaves the work area or overstays their green card.

28 01 2017


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