Brick By Brick

27 01 2017

Lawrence, Kansas

Let’s see if the WOMYN at KU throw bricks through the windows of the athletic dorms like their SISTAHS at UVa did to the Phi House after Strolling Bone printed fake news.




One response

27 01 2017

it’s time for state & fed gov’t to defund these Propaganda Indoctrination Centers. After they layoff their social fascist Professoriates prehaps a little funding can be restored for STEM studies only….no funding for useless, destructive SOFT majors or RIDICULOUS PC dept’s…if the student victims of these organized Univ/College RICO operations had to cough up the dough to cover running costs real change can happen, including cutting Professor (et al) pay by 50 – 75% considering the bastards only work about 10 hrs a week…Stop victimizing taxpayers, defund higher ed. Higher ed is a gross misnomer anyway, it’s higher H8, higher Propagandizing, higher Indoctrination

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