Muddy Water Keeps On Flowing

27 01 2017


Death threats, huh?

Death threats against people that are already in jail.  It would be kinda difficult to carry them out.

Their defense attorneys are just trying to muddy the water either to create a pretext for a mistrial or an appeal.  They might want to move the case out of Cook, because of pretrial publicity; problem is, their best chance to beat the rap is with a Crook County jury.

Unless the Feds step in, and I know from the right grapevine that the CPD was going to drop this file at the U.S. Attorney’s office after noon one week ago today.




One response

28 01 2017

I’m not convinced the lawyers are actually representing their clients so much as their own cause.

If they are thinking ahead for their cause, the biggest gift to give the left right now is Federalizied Law Enforcement in Chicago. Every FBI special agent put together would not be able to replace the CPD, let alone adding in the Airport Police, Sherrif Department, and the various University sworn police forces. That means the only practical way to put Federal boots on the ground is federalized troops, most likely Illinois National Guard if approved by the Governor.

Not good optics, Kent state is still a buzzword 47 years later. This is Ailansky’s own stomping grounds…..

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