Perplexing, I Know

27 01 2017

Colorado Springs

Did you know that a young white gay man who brags about all the intercourse he has with black men and openly declares himself not part of the Alt-Right has come out against the political agenda of white nationalism?

Can’t make heads or tails of it.




8 responses

27 01 2017

And yet, all this being against white nationalism didn’t preclude the Googitburo from disabling his ability to livestream on his YT channel just before he was going to speak on immigration in New Mehico.

27 01 2017

Ugh, I grow so weary of certain people (voxday, cough cough) whom I respect standing with these interlopers and giving them cover. Milo is “edgy” for 62 year old fox news neocons like my relatives, so he serves some purpose…but not ours. Same with that Chernovich (?) clown whom everyone praises who reminds me a bit of Beck, as in, he’s probably just in it for the notoriety and to sell a few books. Double Ugh.

27 01 2017

I don’t mind Milo, Cernovich, et al., it’s just that they have to realize that they’re not going to be able to triangulate their way to “respectability.”

As far as Vox, I’m none too happy with the open swipes he’s taking against Richard Spencer.

27 01 2017
Alex the Goon

He’s got a funny interpretation of “No firing on the Right.” He’s admonished his resident homo for making unsolicited, distasteful remarks; but if anyone dryly says they aren’t a Milo fan because he shouts his mud-buttsharking from the mountaintops — out comes then “firing on the Right” card. Every. Single. Time.
Can’t expect a fantasy writer to be 100% balanced, though.

27 01 2017

Oh I’m pretty sure Milo already is in the “respectability” camp, with the book deal and whatnot, but who needs another Ben Shapiro? All he’s ever been is a prophet for the Altright, harkening our arrival on scene. The fact that these fox newsers I speak of know and like him says that to me. Those same people find you, vox and steve a bridge too far for their delicate sensibilities (when I send them links).

29 01 2017

Per “making money” I’m in the Joker camp: If you’re good at something you should be paid for it.

28 01 2017

There is a time bomb sitting in the lap of the Jewish community and Milo and the other Alt-Liters are trying to defuse it before it goes off.

29 01 2017
Witch PHD

Z Blog Calls him the thinking man’s Rip Taylor’

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