Sunday Wrap-Up

29 01 2017


* Both schools are white, so what does race have to do with it?

* Not providing details, meaning we don’t really need the details.

* At least they’re concerned about hygiene.

* I can believe the 46 part.  It’s just the woman part I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around.

* He’s lucky.  It wasn’t that long ago when the cops did worse to someone who was creatively circumventing high cigarette taxes.


* I bet one of the reasons people are going to get this training is that Bell Curve City Chicago has gotten so violent that the amberlampses are too scared to go there.

The Lee McCollum shown here is (I think) the father of the eponymous and late young man who was featured prominently in the 2013 CNN multi-part documentary Chicagoland, who was also murdered last year at the age of 21.


* As you know, I’m very good, almost the master at, reconciling paradoxes and contradictions.  But, I’m drawing blanks trying to draw a through-line between the Presidential election results in California and this news.

* Is it me, or is Greg Abbott trying to set himself up for 2024?

* If Vox is to be believed, and by Vox, I don’t mean the Alt-Right science fiction author from Minnesota, part of Trump’s pen-and-phone paperwork on immigration involves letting DACA and DAPA expire on their own.


* One more of the number of Trump-Reagan similarities, and this crosses over between the similarities between the late 2000s/early 2010s Tea Party Movement and the late 1970s/early 1980s movement called the New Right:  Just as the New Right resulted in Reagan, the TPM resulted in Trump.

Though it should be noted that in The Art of the Deal, Trump wrote that he was personally not that impressed with Reagan and liked Jimmy Carter more on a personal level.

* The other side is talking about secession, hoarding small arms, and doomsday bunkers.  When did they turn into us?


* A little bit of inconvenient truth about (warning:  orgasmic words ahead) former President Obama’s approval ratings.  He himself admitted that he experienced an affirmative action net bump in his approval rating, and even if we did not have that confession, we could prove it just by the fact that his policies are less and in some cases way less popular than he himself was.

* Speaking of those three orgasmic words, this should pretty much forever put to bed the “Obama’s a Muslim” rumor.  He’s not a Muslim, even though because of his childhood, he has sympathy for non-Arabic Islamic practitioners.  Because of his political track and geography, he toyed around with black and white leftist Christianity, but it really wasn’t his thing.  He, like most people, is secular.  And in fact, judging from this and other things he did as President, is hostile to organized religion on a personal basis.

* I mentioned Soros’s involvement in various DA races here when discussing St. Louis’s Circuit Attorney race last year, which Soros got involved in, on behalf of the candidate who won.  Well, here’s one instance where he didn’t succeed.

* This makes me happy and sad.  Happy because James O’Keefe and Co. did it, but sad because the DCPD couldn’t be bothered to do it.

* I think Chuck Todd is bullshitting us.  They weren’t worried about sexism, they’re just partisan Democrats.  Ceteris paribus, they would have been doing this if the bottom of the ticket was the top of the ticket.


* Hm, well, this is kind of different.

Then I read down:  Biafra, aka Igbo.  Igbo, being one of the scant few groups of black African people I’d give the time of day to.  There are two photos in the photo set, and that curious looking flag in the second photo is the flag of Biafra.  Not counting that other more familiar flag they get a little wrong.

* Something about fish and visitors.

* A little too much irony for a Sunday.

* Which makes me wonder:  Where the hell is Francisco Franco when you need him?


* Not only that, GamerGate was the Alt-Right’s debutante ball, and the first time in a long time that any one or thing on the right showed up to fight the culture wars.

* It’s called Twitter.

* Sure, just what we need, more social isolation.

* I don’t know for sure, but I do know a certain group of people I’m part of will die trying.

* Paging Mr. Occam:  The problem was simultaneous with two different independent suppliers?

* I was under the impression that seismic activity in that part of the world was pushing Everest and in fact the entirety of the Himalayas upward, not downward.

* They compete for the best trade deals, huh?

I guess this means the one with the orangest wings gets to be the leader of the colony.




6 responses

29 01 2017
Alex the Goon

the woman part — Caught by the hair of he[r] chinny-chin-chin. The sackcloth [s]he’s wearing in the mugshot looks like a loaner. I hope the officers didn’t have to handle he[r] naked.
The other side…When did they turn into us? — Quitters, who can’t stomach the thought of Losing for the next 50 years.

29 01 2017

Late entry.

Roman salute:

30 01 2017
Hard Right

Filed under “Divorce”

8 Things They Teach You At Blow Job School

by Brittany Wong

30 01 2017
Alex the Goon

Step #1: Open your mouth.
I see she didn’t get that far in the syllabus.

30 01 2017
Hard Right

Daily Beast Falls for Quebec Mosque Attack Hoax, Blames ‘White Supremacists’

31 01 2017

“* Both schools are white, so what does race have to do with it?” – status preening.

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