Necessary Tradeoff

31 01 2017

Creve Coeur

Orange-Crowned God-Emperor advocates for American interests through immigration policy; local corporations chimp out.

It’s as simple as this:

(1) Corporatism

(2) White people

Pick one.  Limit 1.




4 responses

31 01 2017

“local foreign nationals” – no really.

31 01 2017

““If a local company has an employee from one of the seven countries, and they’re here in the U.S., then absolutely they shouldn’t travel internationally.”” – but I thought they were local foreign nationals working for local companies, why would they be involved in so much international travel?

31 01 2017

What they’re worried about is not what is literally done with these EOs, but what Trump wants to do next, most likely with H-xB.

31 01 2017

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